Boy, 13, saves his sister, 8, by firing at the kidnapper’s head

MICHIGAN: A 13-year-old boy bravely rescued his sister from the clutches of a kidnapper on May 10. The identities of the brothers and the 17-year-old suspect have not been released due to their status as minors. But Michigan State Police from the Alpena Post reportedly said the girl was looking for mushrooms in her backyard when the incident occurred. Heroic Michigan boy 13 saves his sister 8 by firing at the kidnapper’s head.

9 and 10 News reported that the alleged teen abductor covered the girl’s mouth and tried to lead her into the woods when her older brother saw them. The Alpena post commander, Lieutenant John Grimshaw, said: “He was able to grab the sling from her and was able to throw something which hit the suspect square in the head. And that made him loosen up. The girl was able to struggle and escape and he shot another, hitting the suspect in the chest and then fled the scene.

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Michigan boy 13 saves his sister 8 by firing at the kidnapper

The anonymous defendant was later caught at a gas station by police. Grimshaw also praised the girl’s brother as he mentioned: “But what he did also helped us identify who the suspect was because he obviously had injuries from being hit with a slingshot.” The lieutenant also advised the public: “Fight, fight, do everything you can…bite the hand that holds you, that covers your mouth. Stomp their feet, kick them in the shin, and do everything you can to fight. And then if your mouth is free, scream as loud as you can.” Heroic Michigan boy 13 saves his sister 8 by firing at the kidnapper’s head.


The alleged kidnapper has reportedly been held in the juvenile section of the jail. He is expected to appear in court May 17 after being arraigned May 11 in 88th District Court on one count of attempted kidnapping/incitement of children, one count of attempted assault to cause great bodily harm less than murder and one assault charge. and battery

The boys’ uncle, Gary Quintel, also shared about the case on his Facebook page. He posted: “Hello everyone earlier today my niece was almost kidnapped in her own backyard here in Alpena on the southern edge of town a 17 year old with a black crest grabbed my niece and tried to kidnap her. My nephew heard her. him screaming and he saw through her window and he shot the guy with a slingshot.”

Quintel added: “The guy who released the cops was called and found out the guy is now in custody, our kids are too precious to let someone try to take them when your kids are outside playing, we really need to pay attention to what they do. they are doing and who is around them. I am so proud of my nephew and I know my niece is traumatized and I am sending prayers for her, they must have been extremely scary for her.”


The social media statement drew a lot of comments with one user saying: “I’m so thankful she’s okay but traumatized for sure. It’s a very sad world we live in now.” Another user wrote: “Too bad it’s not like old times… TF is wrong with people. Happy everyone is safe. Be blessed.” “Her guardian angel was watching her,” added the third.Read More…..

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