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Authorities have identified a 12-year-old boy as Hezekiah Bernard whose body was found in a dumpster in Philadelphia last week and ruled his death a homicide. Ernest Ransom, staff inspector for the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit, confirmed at a news conference that the victim was Hezekiah Bernard, multiple media outlets, including CBS Philadelphia, reported.

According to police, Hezekiah’s body was discovered in a dumpster at 55th and Cherry streets by a Philadelphia Housing Authority sanitation worker on August 23. They said the victim was shot in the head, she was wrapped in plastic and his body was covered with a dildo.

Hezekiah Bernard Age

The age of Hezekiah Bernard was 12 year.


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Hezekiah Bernard

“Mr. Bernard was 12 years old,” Ransom said at a press conference Thursday, according to 6-ABC. “He was brutally killed and thrown into a trash can. The goal is the apprehension of those involved in this senseless death.” ”. An autopsy revealed that Hezekiah may have been dead between 24 and 36 hours, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Ransom explained that the garbage collection took place on August 22, the day before Hezekiah’s body was discovered. “They take him to his facility at 5500 Haverford,” he said, according to CBS Philadelphia. “Now they return to fill it with more garbage at that time on the way back to that location [Cherry Street], the garbage container overturned and that is when they discovered the remains of the victim and immediately notified the police.”

According to police, flyers describing the victim were distributed. Hezekiah’s family made the identification Tuesday, according to Fox-29. Ransom said Hezekiah was not reported missing in the weeks leading up to the discovery, 6-ABC reported. He also said that the motive for the murder or who committed it was not clear.


In a statement shared with PEOPLE on Friday, the Philadelphia Police Department said, “The investigation remains active and ongoing with the Homicide Unit.” A balloon release event was held Thursday night at Level Up, a youth organization in Philadelphia, as a tribute to Hezekiah. Level Up CEO Pastor Aaron Campbell told the crowd, as reported by the Inquirer: “We are here to honor Hezekiah. We are showing our city the power of our youth. That we can unite in love.” Read More……..

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