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BRAZIL: A Brazilian mayor has reportedly married a 16-year-old girl just days after appointing her mother to a high-ranking position in the city government. Aracauria Mayor Hissam Hussein Dehaini, 65, came under fire after it was revealed that he married Kauane beauty queen Rode Dehaini on April 15, just four days after her 16th birthday. Kauane is reportedly the mayor’s sixth wife.

Dehaini has been married six times and is the father of up to 16 children. He got married in 1980 for the first time. Dehaini appointed Kauane’s mother, Marilene Rode, as the city’s Secretary of Culture and Tourism days before the marriage. She previously served as director of the city’s Department of Education. With the new position, she received a raise of $1,500.

Hissam Hussein Dehaini Age

The age of Hissam Hussein Dehaini is 65 years.


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Charges on Hissam Hussein Dehaini

Kauane’s aunt, Elizangela Rode, has been working as the city’s planning secretary since October 2022. Kauane attends high school at a civic-military school in the city, which the mayor oversees, the Daily Star reported, citing Vogue. in Brazil.

After his marriage to Kauane, Paraná state prosecutors began investigating whether Dehaini used her influence to hire relatives for government jobs. Consequently, Dehaini removed Marilene and Elizangela from their positions on Tuesday, April 25. The City Council defended the hiring of Marilene in a statement, saying “that the servant in question meets the necessary conditions for the exercise of the position, since she has 26 years of experience.” in public service,” according to the Daily Mail.

Marilene, who had been an employee of Aracauría since August 9, 2021, was appointed adviser to the municipal secretary at that time, according to Brazilian outlet G1. She was later promoted to executive assistant to Dehaini. She was appointed director of the Aracauría Department of Education in January of last year.


This is not the first time that Dehaini has been criticized for his actions. During his first term, his hiring practices came into question when he reportedly appointed members of his then-wife’s family to government jobs. The Civil Society Organization of Public Interest investigated him in 2019, after he appointed several members of his family to positions in the city government. Among those he named were his then-wife and his two daughters.

However, he was eventually cleared of all wrongdoing. In November 2000, the mayor was reportedly arrested in a drug trafficking investigation. He was accused of protecting drug traffickers. He also allegedly bribed police officers to get protection. Despite the investigation, he was not convicted on any of the charges.Read More…..

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