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ALABAMA: An Alabama boy accused of fatally shooting his father, three brothers and stepmother has been found guilty of capital murder. Mason Sisk, now 17, of Elkmont, carried out the murders after learning the victim was not his biological mother. The incident took place in 2019 when Sisk was 14 years old. The victims were Sisk’s father, John Sisk, 38; his stepmother, Mary Sisk, 35; his two half-brothers, six-month-old Colson and six-year-old Grayson, and his five-year-old half-sister Aurora.

The jury was shown a video where Sisk admitted to the murder and said that he was “sick of all the fighting,” according to Sisk reportedly tried to poison his stepmother by putting peanut butter in her coffee before carrying out the shooting. He knew that his stepmother was allergic to peanuts.

Sisk faces life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murders and will be sentenced on July 25. He does not face the death penalty due to his age at the time of the murders. Sisk and his team plan to appeal the verdict, according to Golden.


Mason Sisk Age

The age of Mason Sisk was 14 year that time.

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Mason Sisk accused of killing family

A person convicted of capital murder in Alabama can be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. According to Kirk Drennan Law, the state currently has 175 inmates on death row. Since 1976 it has carried out 67 executions.

Shay Golden, Sisk’s defense attorney, said he is disappointed with the outcome. “Information we believed to be relevant was never allowed to be discussed or considered. We have prepared for that, that is part of the legal process. You prepared for the worst case scenario. We are confident that we are strong on the ground to appeal. It looks like this will inevitably have to be tried again,” Golden said, according to WAFF 48. “I know he’s [Mason] disappointed. help you with that. We talk about it. I knew this was something that had to be considered all the time, it was the possibility that the issues that were building up for appeal could come into play.”


During closing arguments, prosecutors displayed text messages in which Sisk bragged about effectively using a gun to kill his family. He also wrote about seeing the life come out of his eyes. Sisk’s team tried to dismiss this by saying that these comments were just jokes. In the months leading up to the murders, Sisk allegedly burned animals alive and broke into his school.

On September 2, 2019, when the murders occurred, Sisk called 911. He told responding officers that he heard gunshots upstairs while he was in the basement of his home in the 2500 block of Ridge. Road in Elkmont. He later admitted to the murders and led the cops to the murder weapon, which was a 9mm pistol. A 2020 report from a juvenile probation officer said Sisk had “shown no sign of remorse” for allegedly committing the murders, according to the Daily Mail.

Capital murder trials are divided into two parts. First there is a trial where a jury of his peers will determine guilt or innocence. It is the job of the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” the website says.


It adds: “If you are convicted of capital murder, there is a second trial, called a sentencing trial. During this trial, the judge or jury hears aggravating and mitigating circumstances to increase or decrease the degree of criminal responsibility for the crime.”Read More……

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