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A young boy was put on a ventilator after he was allegedly abused and tortured by his nanny, who is also a friend of his mother. Ty’Shawn Brumfield was “roughed up, beaten and burned with cigarettes,” a GoFundMe from the boy’s grandmother, Apostle Shelia Wilson, said. Howard Youngblood

Howard Youngblood has been accused of abusing Ty’Shawn while he was babysitting the 22-month-old girl. Apparently, the alleged 36-year-old abuser claimed that the little boy was injured after he fell down the stairs.

But the doctor who examined Ty’Shawn on December 15 found that “the victim’s injuries were extensive and in no way consistent with a fall.”


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Howard Youngblood Age

The age of Howard Youngblood is 36 years.


Howard Youngblood,The Tragic Torture of Ty’Shawn Brumfield

WAFB reported that the doctor also discovered that the baby “had bleeding inside the head, which was causing swelling that was causing, or possibly already caused, brain damage.” The boy’s grandmother reportedly said: “They (the doctors) told me it’s brain damage.

He (TyShawn) suffered what’s called a blunt force trauma to the head. And right now, even though we have all these other things with his bones in his back and broken things and other things, the main concern is the head injury.”

She continued: “I am hurt, I am angry, I am angry. And I know that in the course of time, everything will become clear and the individual responsible for this, the judicial system is designed to deal with him according to process.


I want to be able to hold my grandson in my arms soon. You know what I’m saying, I want to put my arms around him, because every time they touch him, when the nurses and doctors touch him, he jumps and his heart rate goes up so much, because he thinks something bad is going on. to the.”

Calling Ty’Shawn “calm in spirit,” Wilson shared, “I want to be able to hug him and let him know, I love you and there’s love, you know.” I want you to know that you will never go through this pain here again. That’s what I want you to know. I want him to know that he won’t have to go through this kind of pain ever again in his life.”

She added: “That’s all I want to do, I want to show him some love. I just want to hug him and rock him and let him know that he’s going to get better. He’s going to get better, he’s going to get better.


He needs to know that he is going to get better. Because that was very wrong, that was very wrong. And right now my grandson needs love, after being beaten and tortured as if he had been beaten and tortured. The only thing you can do through this is love him back. He needs love and prayer.

Meanwhile, Youngblood has been arrested and charged with second degree cruelty to minors. He is currently being held at the East Baton Rouge Parochial Jail and his bail is set at $150,000.Read More….

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