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At the time Anderson threatened Mize, he had been released on bail after being arrested for performing oral sex on a 10-year-old girl in June 2017, the Daily Mail reported. The 63-year-old is currently serving a sentence to 10 years for sexual assault at the Leake County Correctional Center. Anderson married Mize in 2011 and had two children from a previous relationship.

Court documents revealed that Mize sexually abused the minor in February and March 2017, and the couple divorced shortly after the incident. Anderson, in the divorce filing, requested custody of his youngest child, as well as his two older children.

“[Mize’s actions] have been extremely harmful to Amy’s mental and physical health, and that the continuation of the marital relationship would cause further serious harm to both her mental and physical health and well-being, and to the physical health and well-being be of the youngest son,” the documents said


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In Mize’s court filing, he accused Anderson of stealing or losing some of his possessions, including a Chevy Silverado truck, clothing and prescription glasses. She also provided details about the moment she waved the gun at him while trying to retrieve the VR from her.


Meanwhile, investigators have said Anderson, a 43-year-old Ocean Springs resident, did not kill himself after shooting at police. She checked into a motel on Interstate 90, which runs through the Gulf Coast city, later claiming a white truck was following her. He asked the motel clerk to call 911.

After the officer arrived, she told them that she came to the motel room with her eight-year-old daughter because she feared for her life. However, her death was caused by a bullet from one of the officers and she was not self-inflicted, WLOX News reported.

Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell detailed how the officers spoke with Anderson for about 40 minutes, part of which was “pleasant conversation.” “During the course of discussions with Ms. Anderson, officers became concerned for the safety of her daughter,” Tindell said. “She had made a number of comments that had officers concerned for the child’s safety.”


The two officers decided to call Child Protective Services. “Ms. Anderson was loading her car and apparently trying to get out of the hotel. They were trying to keep her there until Child Protective Services arrived,” Tindell said. Anderson then sat in her car and shot Robin, who was in the doorway of her car.

Estorffe and Anderson then exchanged two shots each, with Estorffe taking a hit to the arm and head. Anderson, however, was fatally shot in the chest. Estorffe later succumbed to her injuries at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport. Officers said Anderson, who died at the scene, had a Glock semi-automatic pistol. Her daughter sat in the car and witnessed the murders.

Royce Carroll Mize Age

The age of Royce Carroll Mize is 63 years now.


Royce Carroll Mize, EX Wife allegedly threatened Royce Carroll Mize

Ississippi vet Amy Brogdon Anderson, who fatally shot two police officers last week, allegedly threatened her ex-husband with the same firearm she used to kill the police officers. She allegedly threatened Royce Carroll “Jerry” Mize with the 9mm pistol she used to kill officers Brandon Estorffe and Steven Robin.

Anderson killed the officers when they responded to a call for a wellness check at the motel she checked into. This happened after Anderson believed she was being followed by a white truck and subsequently asked the motel clerk to call 911.

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