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Jacob Williamson, an 18-year-old transgender man, was found dead on July 4 near the side of a road in Pageland, about seven miles from where authorities believe he was killed. The incident unfolded after Williamson left his home to meet a man with whom he had been corresponding for a month and a half, with the intention of having his first date at an amusement park.

Following the discovery of Williamson’s body, authorities in Union County, North Carolina, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation took swift action and arrested two suspects in connection with the young man’s death. Joshua Newton, 25, faces charges of first-degree murder and obstruction of justice, while his girlfriend, Victoria Smith, 22, has been charged with obstruction of justice and concealment.

Williamson had met Newton at a local Waffle House before heading to Carowinds Amusement Park. However, Newton allegedly deviated from his plans and took Williamson back to his home in the trailer park in Monroe, North Carolina, where the tragedy unfolded. The motive and manner of Williamson’s murder remain unclear, as Newton did not provide a clear explanation to police.


Jacob Williamson Age

The age of Jacob Williamson was 18 year.

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Who killed Jacob Williamson ?

A family friend, Promise Edwards, revealed that Williamson had been living with her for a month and a half after leaving her family home due to difficulties accepting her transition. Edwards had been offering him a safe and supportive environment and even helped him get a job at Waffle House. During the ill-fated date, Edwards became concerned when the location tracking on Williamson’s phone suddenly went off. She called the police after her attempts to contact him went unanswered.

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey expressed his condolences to the victim’s family, saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family in this case as they begin to mourn this unimaginable loss.” Following this devastating incident, Edwards hopes that parents and loved ones can learn from Williamson’s tragic fate and be more vigilant about her family members’ online interactions.


Explain to them how unsafe it is to go with people online, how unsafe it is to get in the car with someone you don’t know because this is our reality now. Our reality is missing someone who never deserved to go like this,” she said. “The last thing I told him is that I love you, see you in the morning. This world was so cruel to Jacob his entire life,” Edwards said. “I find peace knowing that in the last month and a half, he found peace.Read More…….

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