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The two baby-faced killers who stabbed 15-year-old Khayri McLean to death have been named and photographed. Ms Justice Farbey lifted a reporting restriction that prohibited the identification of the defendants who can now be named as Jakele Pusey, 15, and Jovani Harriott, 17. Harriott was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty by a jury last month, while Pusey received a minimum of 16 years after pleading guilty to the murder.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Khayri was waited for when she left North Huddersfield Trust School in West Yorkshire with friends on September 21 last year.

The mother of the 15-year-old boy who was killed in a ‘gang-related’ knife attack outside her school told a court today: ‘This violence has to stop.’ In a heartbreaking statement read out at Leeds Crown Court, Charlie McLean said she would never get over the senseless murder of her son by the two ‘cowards’. She said: “I would gladly give my life for him, to get him back, but that is impossible.”


‘I wonder, what has this accomplished? Why has my son died? I have lost my son and other parents have lost their two children who did this. ‘No one has won. This violence has to stop and the carrying of weapons has to stop.’ Ms. McLean described how she rushed to the scene herself and watched helplessly as paramedics tried to save her son’s life. “The fear that he would have had when he realized that he had been stabbed and was bleeding to death will stay with me forever,” she said.

The two cousins, who were 15 and 16 years old at the time, will be sentenced to life in prison for murder. The teenagers, dressed in black and wearing ski masks, ambushed the victim with large knives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, last September. One yelled ‘yo Khayri’ as they pounced on him as he was walking home from school with friends.

Jakele Pusey and Jovani Harriott Age

The age of Jakele Pusey and Jovani Harriott is 15 and 17 years respectively.


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Jakele Pusey and Jovani Harriott accused of killing Khayri McLean

Witnesses said the 15-year-old attacker, Pusey, who admitted to the killing, jumped into the air before “swinging his arm” and plunging a 12-inch blade into Khayri’s chest. Pusey, who admitted to being part of a rival gang, was said to be under the influence of drugs at the time. Moments later, the older attacker, Harriott, now 17, stabbed Khayri in the leg as he, too, tried to aim at his chest.

The murder was caught on CCTV, which was brought before the court today. Khayri staggered towards the school before collapsing. A passing doctor helped treat him before an air ambulance arrived, but he died a short time later. Both teens went on the run, changing clothes and hiding clothes and weapons in nearby woods, where they were later picked up by associates.

Jonathan Sandiford, KC, the prosecutor, said the younger attacker admitted to being part of the ‘F Block’ or ‘Fartown’ gang in Huddersfield involved in drug dealing and violence in the city. He said Khayri was targeted because he shared a video on social media about a window being broken at the Harriott family home. Khayri was seen as ‘the enemy’ of an ‘opposition’ gang, although a jury previously heard that he had left the gang.


Sandiford told the court that the motive was “revenge” for the window incident. Huddersfield has been plagued by youth gang violence in recent years and the court heard how rap artist Booter Bee was known for rapping about the ‘criminal exploits’ of the F Block gang. Pusey, who was the victim of a gang shooting three years earlier, began dealing drugs for the gang at the age of 13, the court heard.

“Violence against opposing gang members and carrying a knife was the norm for Pusey and this is the life he lived,” Mr. Sandiford said. He said his lifestyle meant he would “assert authority and power” against rival gang members. Sandiford said the attack was “not spontaneous” but “carefully planned.”

A month after the murder, police undercover recorded Pusey talking to his parents at an institution for juvenile delinquents. They discussed the need for him to ‘act sorry’ and he said, ‘I knew he was dead as soon as I did.’ Richard Wright, KC, for Pusey, said it was tragic that this ‘kid’ would ‘pull out knives and engage in extreme violence’ in pursuit of gang-related ‘grudges’.


Harriott denied the murder but was convicted by a jury last month. He was given a minimum term of 18 years and Pusey received a minimum of 16 years. The court heard that he denied being a gang member, a claim disputed by the Crown. His lawyer, Mohammed Nawaz, KC, said he had “shown genuine and real remorse for this event.”

Detective Superintendent Marc Bowes, who led the investigation, said: “If ever a case has highlighted the terrible consequences of knife crime and the culture of carrying such weapons, the horrific attack on Khayri outside his school was a crime that demonstrated the tragedy and rightly so.” he shocked people across the country.

“It will be difficult for many of us to understand how what appears to have been a relatively low-level dispute has resulted in these men stabbing a fellow student at the end of a normal school day.” ‘Khayri’s assassination was a planned, organized and targeted attack.


“The severity of the injuries they inflicted left Khayri with no chance of survival and left those closest to him without a dear son and friend and we can see to this day the impact his loss has had and continues to have on them. . “The long sentences imposed on these men will not bring Khayri back to those who lost him, but they will at least keep two very dangerous men off our streets for many years to come.”Read More…….

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