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MORRIS COUNTY, NEW JERSEY: A Morris County police tactical unit stormed through the door of a motel room in the Pine Brook section of Montville on New Year’s Eve. The raid killed James Allandale amid a hail of bullets, ending a four-day manhunt for the Denville resident, whom police had identified as the prime suspect in an attempted murder case.

James Allandale, 61, of Denville, was the target of a mass manhunt by law enforcement following an alleged attempted murder in Elmwood Park on December 27. According to News 12 Connecticut, the armed attacker, who police suspected was Allandale, entered a Lincoln. He drove to his home and shot a female victim, who survived despite her wounds, according to authorities.

According to a statement from the Attorney General’s Office, that failed assassination attempt resulted in members of the Morris County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) following Allandale to a motel on Route 46 with a warrant for his arrest. Authorities have yet to issue an official version of the shooting. Still, it was revealed that the attacker intended to kill the victim, who was reportedly his romantic partner. But all events ultimately led to his own bloody end at the hands of the police.


James Allandale Age

The age of James Allandale was 61 years.

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James Allandale cause of death

The Attorney General’s Office released video of Allandale’s death on Thursday, February 9, the first time authorities have recognized him as the deceased since the deadly raid was published more than a month ago.

According to North, police in tactical gear are seen entering the Allandale motel room in video posted Thursday, February 9, recorded on body cameras worn by responding officers, with no other police visible outside. As the officers enter the room at the roadside motel, a hail of gunfire erupts, as the two police officers open fire on Allandale, who can be seen briefly wielding what appears to be a silver pistol before collapsing between a motel bed and room. back wall. His girlfriend had reportedly fled across the street to her neighbor’s house in terror when her alleged attacker got distracted.


As Allandale collapses to the ground, an officer continues to fire bullets into his body before a voice yells, “Hold fire. Hold fire. Man down.” According to Eyewitness News, the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement: “A paramedic attached to SERT was on scene to provide advanced life support, but Mr. Allandale was pronounced dead at approximately 7:27pm.” Authorities reportedly recovered a firearm. near the deceased as well The incident is still being investigated by the state’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, which is responsible for investigating any police-involved deaths under a 2019 mandate. Read More….

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