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James Droz is from Bartlesville and has loved track and field since he was a little boy. According to his mother, Susan Hainzinger, Droz used to memorize the results of every soccer game he watched. As a young man, James participated in various sports. His love for sports was very evident on his TikTok account, and the ban on his account has saddened his followers.

One Twitter user wrote: “Nah man I wake up to James Droz suspended from Twitter this day already sucks.” Another user wrote: “James Droz was banned because he was a threat to the patriarchy. They had never seen a person so universally loved. The higher ups were shaking in their boots #FreeJamesDroz.”

Another user expressed their support for Dorz, writing: “If James Droz is not unbanned within 48 hours, I will delete my tik tok account.””Not rap but REAL! Bring back James Droz,” added another.


Droz, who uses the TikTok username @jamesdrozz566, was reportedly banned for violating company policies. Fans are begging TikTok to lift the ban because they enjoy the content it posts. TikTok has yet to make any official statement on the ban.

Droz played soccer for the Bartlesville team, although he was not always able to participate on the field due to his particular requirements. However, he helped coach his team. Even when he scored a touchdown against the Choctaw last season, fans roared the loudest for James, as reported by Examine-Enterprise.

James Droz Why went viral?

A special needs TikToker who gained popularity for his “what happened uhh?” reaction videos to basketball and soccer games, has been suspended from the platform. He had around 900,000 followers on TikTok when his account was suspended for allegedly violating the platform’s policies. When James posted a video in January 2022 asking the Minnesota Vikings “what happened?”, he quickly became popular.


Over the next ten months, the video garnered 65,000 likes and 652,100 views. In the next video of him, he posed the same question to the Pittsburgh Steelers, garnering more than 1.7 million views and 170,300 likes. After his TikTok was banned, his followers took to various social media platforms to discuss the issue.

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