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Police in Las Vegas, Nevada, say a man shot and killed his girlfriend during an argument. “I killed the woman I loved,” James Gina III, 50, reportedly told a witness who came across the murdered victim, according to WSET. The defendant hid her and planned to move her remains in a rental car, police say. Gina supposedly didn’t want to use her car because her body was starting to emit a foul odor.

Police officers said they responded Monday near Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue regarding a homicide. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was informed at approximately 2:30 p.m. Monday of a possible injured person at a home in the 1600 block of Golden Arrow Drive. Officers got there and found Gina and a dead woman. Detectives determined that Gina was the woman’s boyfriend and the suspect in her murder.

James Gina III Age

The age of James Gina III is 50 year.


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Charges on James Gina III

Police said the woman suffered approximately 12 gunshot wounds, according to WSET. They did not identify her. A witness told investigators that he heard Gina and the victim arguing, officers said. The witness went off to play and when he returned several hours later, he found the woman lying naked on the ground with a bullet hole in her chest, police said.

This witness allegedly left the residence and returned the next day. “I killed the woman I loved,” Gina allegedly told him. The defendant said he put her body in the attic, police said. Another witness told detectives that during the earlier argument, he heard the defendant’s mother trying to intervene, but Gina also threatened to shoot him if she didn’t leave.

The defendant had a violent temper and ingested methamphetamine, this second witness said. Gina allegedly planned to move the body in a rental car because he did not want to use his due to the body beginning to emit a foul odor. He refused to speak to police after he was taken in for questioning, officials said.


Nevada prison records show that Gina was previously convicted of assault/domestic violence with grievous bodily injury, possession of a stolen vehicle, assault causing substantial damage, coercion, and owning or operating facilities that tamper with, destroy, disassembles and reassembles an illegally obtained motor vehicle. or store for certain purposes.Read More…….

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