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A Colorado mother of 15 has been arrested after her husband’s body was found in her yard and she was caught hiding behind a false wall in their trailer, four years after she was charged with child abuse and boiling puppies alive in front of her. to his children. Martha Crouch, 57, was charged along with her husband Timothy, 62, by their then 18-year-old daughter in 2019 with running a ‘house of horrors’ which led to charges of child abuse, cruelty to animals and obstruction of an investigation.

Crouch made a deal not to contest a fourth-degree felony charge of attempted child abuse to avoid jail time on December 8, 2021 in Aztec, New Mexico. However, two days later, Crouch violated her two-year probation sentence and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Nearly 20 months later, Huerfano County sheriffs found her after her husband was found dead in Walsenburg, Colorado, about 250 miles east of Aztec. One of the couple’s 15 children, who is estranged from his parents, believed that some of his siblings, including those with special needs, still lived with his father and suffered abuse.

After authorities identified Crouch and realized they were still looking for her wife for evading probation, they returned to the residence with a warrant. But before going to the house, one of the couple’s other children told police they believed Martha was dead. for several years, according to KRDO.


This family member also let them know that her 14-year-old sister had been missing for the past three years. Upon arrival, based on a tip from a neighbor, they discovered a false wall in the kitchen of the house where they found Martha and her missing daughter.

Crouch was arrested on the previous warrant for violating probation and received new charges of minor child abuse and obstruction of officers. She is being held in a county jail on a $5,000 cash bond. Her next court date has yet to be determined.

It’s unclear if Crouch will be extradited to New Mexico to face the original warrant. spoke to Lizzie Crouch, then 18, who recounted a childhood of cruelty and abuse from a mother who told her she wasn’t their real mother and a father who told his children they were too stupid to go to school


Martha Crouch Age

The age of Martha Crouch was 57 year.

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Why Martha Crouch was arrested?

Both Martha and Timothy, a former reserve deputy sheriff, denied the charges at the time. But Lizzy Crouch, the fourth youngest of the 15, spoke about how life inside the seedy ranch house was loveless and routinely cruel. “I’ll never be able to get the images out of my mind: seeing my mother throw the newborn pups into the boiling water and the smell of them cooking on the stove,” she said. “She used to wake me up screaming, hearing the puppies in my nightmares, screeching as they boiled to death.

‘The only way I can stop having dreams is to not sleep.’ The last time Lizzy, a family nickname for her birth name Suzannah, saw her mother boil dogs couldn’t have been more horrifying: It was her birthday. “It was October 5, 2018, my 17th birthday, and our dog, Lady, had a litter of puppies a few weeks earlier,” she said. She was in my room and my mom came in and said, ‘I have a birthday present for you.’


“I should have known something was up because she’s not someone who would choose me to give me a birthday present.” Lizzy said that she followed her mother down the hall into the kitchen and began to smell something that she said was “terrifying.” ‘I saw some of my brothers and sisters lined up in the kitchen and on the stove I saw a big silver pot, like a pressure cooker. In it I could see puppies in the boiling water, at that point I was’ not sure if they were all dead or just in the process of dying. I heard moans from them.

‘It was horrible. She saddened me but, I’m sorry to say, I wasn’t surprised, since it wasn’t the first time: she had seen my mother kill cubs like this seven times before. ‘The sounds of them dying and crying is something I will never forget. After a few minutes, our mother ordered one of my brothers to take the pot out to the backyard and told the rest of us to go back to our rooms.

‘I came back and started crying, these pups were only a week old, their eyes were still closed, they were the size of mice. Each one of them would fit in the palm of my hand. Witnessing the puppies’ death, Lizzy decided to run away; she went to live with her two older sisters, Alexandra and Anastaisea in Safford, Arizona. Her brother James is also supporting her.


In her last year living at home, the cruelty became too much: her mother would routinely hit Lizzy with a soup ladle. ‘My mother would pick a brother and torment him, it just so happens that in the last year or so I was on top. from my mother’s list,’ she said. If I did not agree with her, she would hit me several times with the ladle on her legs and lower extremities. She made sure they were areas where the marks could be hidden by clothing in case someone from the outside ever saw us.

After Lizzy left her parents’ home in June 2019, police were able to photograph evidence of bruising on Lizzy’s body, according to Martha Crouch’s arrest affidavit. With tears in her eyes, Lizzy said: ‘They never should have had a child, let alone 15. I don’t think they loved any of my brothers. I never felt loved growing up. Lizzy remembers that when she was only four years old, she asked her mother if she loved her.

“My mother looked me in the eye and said that she did not love me and that she was not my mother, even though she is listed on my birth certificate as my mother,” she recounted. Her sisters with whom she now lives have previously told him of her own trials as they grew up, and the family moved between Missouri, Alaska, Kansas and Montana, and finally New Mexico.


Alexandria told how when she became pregnant when she was 14, Martha beat her so viciously that she miscarried, while her sister Anastaisea was chained to her bed for three years from the age of eight to make her lose weight. Anastaisea also said that she saw her mother kill six newborn kittens by hitting them with a hammer. The 11 adult Crouch children were not united in their childhood version of her.

Brother Timothy Joseph ‘TJ’ Crouch, 32, and Samuel Crouch, 22, previously told their parents were kind and loving. TJ Crouch was later charged with three felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he threatened to shoot three of his brothers over an argument. His father, now deceased, vehemently denied claims that his sons were ever in chains as prisoners at the time.

Timothy said: ‘I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. A ‘fat chain’? We never chain any of our children. The daughter who made that false accusation was a bit chubby and she was not allowed to eat desserts. She went for her own good, but we never chained her to anything.


Anastaisea previously told a version of her from her childhood that paralleled Lizzy’s. “She was a stocky kid and if she weighed more than my older brothers, she would get mad at me and hit me. One day when she was eight years old, she chained me to my bed with a strong dog chain so she could control what she ate,” she said.

‘She was about ten feet long. One end was attached to a bed post and the other was wrapped around my ankle and secured with a key code padlock. This went on for about three years. Sometimes my mother would loosen my chains to weigh me down or if people came to the house or our family had to go somewhere. “One time when she weighed me, she was a pound heavier than my older brother and she hit me. She had to go to the bathroom in a bucket and I could only shower once a month.

The cruelty wasn’t just physical. Education was not a priority for Lizzy’s parents, saying that she and her siblings were “too stupid to go to school”. The last grade Lizzy could remember attending for any measurable period of time was eighth grade, when she was 13 years old.


‘I attended the school for about a month before my parents took me out and we all moved away. ‘I would attend various grades for a few days or weeks at a time. I have never completed a degree in my life. Lizzy said that she was learning to read and had made great improvements since she ran away from her parents, hoping to one day become a child psychologist.Read More…..

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