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A former Pittsburgh Public Schools teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student appeared in court Friday. James Ziegler a former teacher at the Pittsburgh Faison, had nothing to say after leaving his preliminary hearing Friday afternoon. Ziegler is accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old fourth-grader during school last year.

The student testified to the disturbing details and said that on multiple occasions he was alone with Ziegler in her classroom during lunch detention. He said Ziegler would close the door and the blinds, then threaten him and force him to perform sexual acts. Ziegler’s attorney said his client denies everything and says it never happened.

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The age of James Ziegler is not declared.


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Charges on James Ziegler

“This is a man who has a very clear record, he has just been appointed vice principal, he has a young daughter at home. This is a guy who has nothing on his record, he is shocked, devastated by this,” said Blaine Jones, Ziegler’s defense attorney. The student also said that Ziegler was his math and science teacher and that the assaults occurred four days a week from the beginning of the school year through December.

“In a classroom where there are four other adjoining classrooms and a public courtyard and nobody saw anything and there is also a window in the door and nobody saw anything for three or four months straight. I just don’t think that in practical terms, if you use common sense, this could have happened like this, I don’t think so,” Jones said.

A city detective also testified today. Ziegler’s attorney says the evidence does not support the case. “I was hoping maybe six days went by where the young man was alone with Ziegler, based on the report from the other teachers, it doesn’t make sense,” Jones said. Ziegler faces several serious charges. The judge upheld all charges for the court.Read more………


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