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Murray said Jarid Haddock stopped at the ARCO/ampm gas station and “tried to get into the lobby.” However, he found the doors closed. “Then he walked across the street to Circle K,” Murray said according to CNN.

he is going into the store, he takes the gun out of him and there are two people buying food and he shoots them”. He said both people died, after which Haddock walked out of the store and shot another person to death.

It was previously reported that after shooting all three people to death, Haddock barricaded himself inside a Washington home that was surrounded by a SWAT team. At that point, his mother used a loudspeaker and urged him to surrender, according to the Daily Mail. The police department released a surveillance photo of Haddock wearing all black. “Suspect: he did not approach as possibly armed and dangerous,” he wrote on Facebook.


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Court documents show Haddock had charges dating back to 2020 for theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle and obstruction. They pulled him over in a stolen car while he was warming up and tried to run away. The cops were finally able to stop him at that point. The case was dropped after he completed a diversion program.

A gunman who fatally shot three people at a convenience store in southern Washington state early Tuesday morning, January 24, was reportedly found dead later from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The 21-year-old suspect was identified as Jarid Haddock.

The Yakima Police Department said Haddock stole a person’s car and fled the scene after the incident, CBS News reported. Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray said earlier in a Facebook video that Haddock’s relatives told them he could be found behind some warehouses. Shots were heard when police arrived and a man, later identified as the suspect, was found wounded. However, no officers fired at the suspect.Read More….


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