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A 41-year-old man has been arrested and charged after allegedly raping and impregnating a 13-year-old family member and later telling detectives that the sexual encounters were caused by voodoo.

According to court documents, Jean Innocent was recently arrested and charged with two counts of sexual violence with a child, one count of incest and one count of impregnating a child.

The 13-year-old survivor, whose name was redacted from the affidavit to protect her identity as a minor, was sent to St Mary’s Hospital on December 19 with abdominal pain, according to a probable cause affidavit acquired by Law & Crime.


According to the girl, she “had sexual intercourse” with Innocent “approximately four times since she underwent abdominal surgery in July 2020,” investigators said.

According to the survivor, the first case of “penile vaginal sexual abuse” occurred in the summer of 2022. In November, according to her, there was a second incident of sexual abuse. “The victim stated that she [redacted] was at work when [Innocent] came into her bedroom and said ‘Give me 10 minutes,'” the affidavit reads.

β€œ[Innocent] pulled her buttocks down exposing her naked body and dropped her pants. The victim climbed on top of her and inserted ‘her PP into her PP’.


The victim said ‘no’ and refused and cried. The victim stated that [Innocent] stopped and said ‘it doesn’t matter’ because she was crying. She then left the room,” Law & Crime reported.

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One-party consent-controlled call from survivor

According to the statement, the survivor told police that her encounter left her “feeling weird” and that she was in pain. According to the affidavit, investigators arranged for a recorded call, controlled by single-party consent, from the survivor to the defendant. The survivor reportedly informed Innocent that she had lately been vomiting during the call and that the hospital was about to give her a pregnancy test. “[Innocent] told her to say no and she began to make up a story to tell about a relationship with a boy named ‘Semen,'” the affidavit reads. β€œHe told the victim that if she says so, he will go to jail. [Innocent] told the victim that she was not pregnant because her period would not come for another week. The victim asked: ‘Did you do it inside me?’ [Innocent] responded, ‘Yes, I think I do,'” the affidavit added. The defendant allegedly went on to say that he thought her “pre-ejaculation” might have been the reason for the pregnancy.

Voodoo caused him to have sexual intercourse

On December 19, investigators arrested Inocencio and questioned him. Investigators reportedly said Innocent said, “He believes voodoo caused him to have sex with [the victim].” He further claimed that he only remembered having penile vaginal sex with the victim twice, the first instance taking place approximately three months prior to his arrest. “He said they were inside his bedroom in his bed,” according to the affidavit. β€œ[Innocent] described telling [the victim] that he needed ‘5 minutes.’ He then inserted his penis into her vagina. He said he was only there for a few seconds and then he stopped and walked out of the room.”

Innocent is now being held without bond

The second incident of sexual abuse, according to Innocent, also occurred in his bedroom. He allegedly walked in at that point and asked for “10 minutes.” “He stated that he told [the victim], ‘This is the last time I’m going to ask,'” the affidavit reads. “He said [the victim] had tears in her eyes and she said he was fine. He then climbed on top of her and had vaginal intercourse with her penis.” The relationship between the survivor and Inocencio was kept secret. According to jail records, he is now being held without bail. Read More…..


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