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Valeria Ortega’s family is in mourning after her untimely death. The 64-year-old New York woman was shot by a stray bullet as she walked to the supermarket in front of her son Charlie of hers.

The tragic incident occurred around 11:31 am on December 26 at Dyckman Street and Vermilyea Avenue, a few blocks from her Inwood home.

Ortega, who her family knew to be overly generous and kind, was reportedly taken to a Harlem hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly after she did and was pronounced dead.


Ortega leaves behind a loving family of three children, a husband and a 101-year-old mother, according to the Daily News. Family, friends and loved ones gathered at the 64-year-old’s home to pay their respects to Ortega’s husband, Antonio, and her children.

“She was a very good person. Really good. A great person,” said heartbroken friend Juana Herrera. “Very kind, very sweet. Unmatched,” the source reported. Authorities said the shooter opened fire from a sedan at two men on a scooter over a dispute, but Ortega was hit in the crossfire.

Ortega was remembered as an exceptional person who cared not only for her own family but for all those who were in need. Herrera tearfully recalled Ortega, saying “she was an exceptional person,” adding that she cared for her 101-year-old mother, Antigua, 12 hours a day for four years.


Valeria Ortega Age

The age of Valeria Ortega was 64 years.

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Valeria Ortega Cause of death, How Valeria Ortega diead

The 64-year-old woman was allegedly helping elderly and disabled neighbors, community members told The News, according to the source. “All she was was her family,” said one of Ortega’s son’s friends, who did not want to be named.

“She took care of her sick mother who is on oxygen. on the fourth floor, she is blind, she also took care of her. The lady is not even related to her.”

Witnesses who saw and heard the ordeal said three rounds of gunfire erupted before they saw Ortega face down bleeding on the pavement.


The mother of three was believed to be on her way to shop for her family and her neighbors. Ortega’s distraught relatives have placed a sweet memorial for her with roses and candles next to a framed photo of the slain victim in front of her building. “Make sure to say that she was an important lady around here,” said a family member who set it up.

“I see her every morning with her shopping cart for her family, for other people too,” added the man. “I don’t want to believe it. She was a blessing,” he commented. There is an ongoing investigation, no arrests have been made.Read More…..

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