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Jeffrey Epstein used his knowledge of Bill Gates’ 2010 affair with a Russian bridge player to threaten the Microsoft billionaire, a new report claims. The pedophile, who committed suicide in 2019, wanted Gates to invest in a multimillion-dollar charity fund in 2013, but he declined.

Later, Epstein sent him an email hinting that he knew about his affair with bridge player Mila Antonova and that he could reveal his infidelity, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Gates, who has called bridge one of her favorite pastimes, reportedly met Antonova at a tournament in 2010 and had an affair with her around the same time. He was 55 years old and she was about 20 years old.

Epstein met her later, around 2013, when he was looking to raise money to start an online bridging platform. Although he did not finance the project, he later paid for her to attend a software coding school. The ‘threat’ was not made until 2017 when Epstein wrote Gates asking for a refund for Antonova’s coding school in a tone that implied he knew about the matter and could expose it.


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Jeffrey Epstein used his knowledge of Bill Gates’ 2010 affair with a Russian bridge player

Gates has said those fees were not paid. ‘Mister. Gates never had any financial dealings with Epstein. As Bill has said before, it was a mistake to have met him,” a spokeswoman for him told on Sunday. A Gates spokesperson told the Journal separately that he did not pay Antonova’s coding school fees, which the Journal said was “insignificant to the two men.”

‘Mister. Gates met with Epstein solely for philanthropic purposes. Having repeatedly failed to draw Mr. Gates beyond these matters, Epstein unsuccessfully attempted to leverage a past relationship to threaten Mr. Gates,” a spokeswoman for Gates told the Wall Street Journal, which first revealed the connection.

A photo of Gates and Antonova together was shown in a 2010 YouTube video in which he gives a presentation on the card game and talks about how he met the billionaire at the tournament. “I didn’t hit him, but I tried to kick him with my leg,” he said in the video.


According to the Journal, the affair occurred around the same time in 2010 when Gates was married to his ex-wife Melinda Gates. Then, in 2013, Antonova met Epstein through a Gates adviser, Boris Nikolic, to help her raise money to finance the online bridge business, called BridgePlanet, according to documents seen by the Journal.

She hoped to raise $500,000 for the company, whose mission was to “advance bridge by creating quality tutorials for beginners and advanced players alike.” After failing to get funding for BridgePlanet, she shifted her focus to becoming a software developer, and Epstein agreed to pay for her education.

‘Epstein agreed to pay and paid the school directly. Nothing was exchanged. I don’t know why she did that,” she told the Journal. “When I asked him, he said something like he was rich and wanted to help people when he could.” Antonova also told the Journal that the following year, in 2014, during a trip to New York City, she stayed in an apartment that Epstein provided for her, but she did not meet him.


The Journal report also suggests that Gates independently met with Epstein beginning in 2011. The couple had “more than half a dozen meetings scheduled,” some of which were dinners at Epstein’s home, according to the documents. By the time they met, Epstein had already spent a year in prison for soliciting child prostitution, but he was welcomed back to the upper levels of New York.

Gates is also accused of taking a trip from New Jersey to Florida on Epstein’s private plane in 2013. At the time, Epstein was trying to set up a multi-million dollar charity fund with JPMorgan and wanted Gates to join. Plans to establish such a fund also implicated several of the world’s richest people.

A civil lawsuit filed by the US Virgin Islands last year implicated Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, former Disney executive Michael Ovitz and Hyatt Hotels CEO Thomas Pritzker, among others.


Epstein was trying to solicit Gates to invest in the JP Morgan fund, and in several emails seen by the Journal, Epstein claimed to be an adviser to Gates, although Gates was not listed in those emails.Read More……

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