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A man will go to prison for four years because he held a grudge against a co-worker and poured bleach into the victim’s Pepsi. Jerome Ellis, 49, pleaded no contest to food or water poisoning in April, and was sentenced Thursday. According to charging documents, Volusia County, Florida deputies were dispatched the night of October 24, 2022 regarding a possible poisoning.

Jerome Ellis Age

The age of Jerome Ellis is 49 years.

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Charges on Jerome Ellis

The victim said that he and his co-worker, Ellis, had an argument the day before, on October 23. He believed that Ellis held a grudge against him for this argument. The victim was drinking a Pepsi from his lunch. He left it behind the counter on top of the safe, went to the bathroom, and came back.


He drank the Pepsi, but it turned out to be poisoned, he said in the documents. He “believed that the Pepsi had bleach or cleaning products on it because of the taste and odor it gave off,” the affidavit said. He panicked, called 911, told his manager and placed the drink in the back room for storage until first responders arrived, according to the documents.

The co-worker suspected that Ellis tampered with his drink, so he reviewed surveillance footage. The video proved it. The victim “explained that surveillance video shows Jerome pouring bleach into the Pepsi can while [the co-worker] was in the bathroom,” the documents say.Read More……

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