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OHIO: Former hospital respiratory therapist Jennifer Anne Hall has been charged with the murder of another patient for an incident that occurred on March 21, 2002. The former nurse allegedly killed her patient David Wesley Harper, 37, by “administering him with products non-prescription pharmacists. “at Hendrick Medical Center in Chillicothe, Ohio. He began working at Hendrick in December 2001.

Hall has now been charged with first degree murder in connection with Harper’s death. The victim was battling bronchitis when she was admitted to Hendrick Medical Center on March 18, 2002. Hall was allegedly found with a vial of succinylcholine in her pocket at the time of Harper’s death.

Harper, who was admitted to the hospital, was attended to by Hall. Apparently, she told her nursing staff that when she entered Harper’s room, she found him sitting on the edge of her bed. Harper allegedly told him that he was feeling ill before falling backwards on his bed with “complete respiratory arrest.” Harper died after the same.


The presence of succinylcholine on Hall’s hand created further confusion. “The substance used to take Mr. Harper’s life, succinylcholine, paralyzes the victim’s muscles, including the diaphragm, causing the victim to die a gruesome death by asphyxiation while fully conscious that he is unable to breathe and is dying,” the statement said. read file.

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The age of Jennifer Anne Hall is not known

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Charges on Jennifer Anne Hall

Investigators claimed that Hall twice “failed to register his presence with Harper”, which “had the effect of distancing Hall from the murder of Mr. Harper both in time and place”, while also producing “an alibi by default” in Harper’s integrated medical records.


The legal documents also state that during the period from December 2001 to May 2002, “the rate of incidents of cardiac collapse…increased alarmingly. These incidents were considered medically suspicious by medical personnel.” Eighteen patients were admitted, of whom nine died. during his five-month tenure on employment. Chillicothe Police Officer Brian Schmidt wrote in the affidavit: “Because of Hall’s unique proximity to affected patients, his access to pharmaceuticals that are deadly if misused, and his discovery and method of notifying staff of each patient’s cardiac emergency, the nursing staff believed Hall was responsible. for the deaths of the patients.

Hall has already been charged with the murder of 75-year-old Fern Franco in May 2022. Like Harper, Franco also died from lethal doses of succinylcholine. The former nurse was placed on administrative leave three days after Franco’s death, and code blue incidents “returned to historical frequency.”

Meanwhile, Hendrick later fired her as she was convicted of an arson attack at another small Missouri hospital called Cass Regional Medical Center in Harrisonville. Prosecutors stated: “Because of Hall’s unique proximity to affected patients, his access to pharmaceuticals that are deadly if misused, and his discovery of and method of notifying staff of each patient’s cardiac emergency, the staff of Nursing believed that Hall was responsible for the deaths of the patients.”


Although there were concerns regarding the deaths of the patients, Scott Lindley, the county coroner, stated: “Hospital officials are said to have been alerted to the concerns about Hall, but did everything possible to cover it up” to avoid bad news. advertising. However, in 2010, a lawsuit was filed against the hospital and the company that currently operates the hospital called St Luke’s Health System. St Lukes Health System wrote in a statement: “We too are interested only in the true and await a final resolution of the investigation,” according to The Sun.

Hall’s defense attorney, Molly Hastings, said, “I look forward to the opportunity to defend her against any and all of these allegations and I believe the evidence will support an acquittal when we have our day in court,” according to People. Hall has yet to accept that she is responsible for the death. “Never,” she told The Kansas City Star in 2015. “No, never. My name just came up, and it’s for a terrible reason. Nobody has asked me if I have done something or if I have not done anything,” she said.Read More…..

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