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A Florida substitute teacher has been arrested after she was accused of letting a seventh grader take a drag on her vape pen, according to the Eustis Police Department. Jennifer Gaine Hale , 50, allegedly allowed the student to vape because she “wanted to fit in.” She had been working at Eustis Middle School as a substitute teacher since November 2022. On May 2, Hale overheard a student talking about how her friend wanted to try vaping.

The teacher then offered him her vape pen to take a drag on. A student reportedly said that Hale, who overheard the boy talking about her friend wanting to vape, told the seventh grader, “I have one,” and then she took it out. The boy then said the teacher told the class not to report the incident and asked the boy if he wanted a punch too, according to the police report, according to the New York Post.

Jennifer Gaine Hale Age

The age of Jennifer Gaine Hale is 50 years.


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Charges on Jennifer Gaine Hale

After the incident, Hale was told by school administrators never to return after being escorted off campus. The substitute teacher was arrested on Friday, May 5, and detained at her home in Mt Dora. Investigators also took Hale’s vaporizer as evidence. She shared the strange reason why she gave the student her pen after reading Miranda rights from her.

Speaking to WESH, Eustis Police Chief Craig Capri said: “We contacted her, immediately after Miranda confessed to doing so. Her response was that she just wanted to fit in. I don’t get it. What’s there to fit in? You’re there to teach a class, not to fit in.”
Some of the parents of the children studying at the school said that they could not believe that someone in a position of authority would be a bad influence on the students. “Teachers. It’s scary now.

I never thought a substitute teacher would give my son that or someone else’s child. Just other students,” said a mother named Jennifer Hunter, whose son is in eighth grade. “They don’t need to fit in with the kids at all. They need to be more like parents than fit in with the kids,” she added.
Hale faces a third degree felony charge of child abuse. She has been released on a $1,000 bond from the Lake County Jail. “She has a responsibility to that classroom to protect the children. Don’t abuse them,” Capri said.Read More…….


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