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A judge sentenced Jennifer Lynn Matter, 51, to prison for abandoning her newborn son to die on an icy beach. As previously reported, authorities said she also discarded a girl, who was found wrapped in a towel and floating in the water near Red Ala, Minnesota. But she didn’t charge him for that.

Matter was sentenced to 27 years and two months in prison, with credit for 52 days of time served, the documents show. She admitted to going to Methodist Beach in Florence Township, Minnesota, on December 6, 2003, according to plea documents filed in January. “The beach was isolated, deserted and dark,” she said in the documents. “While in Methodist Beach, I gave birth to Infant Male, who was born alive.”

Jennifer Lynn Matter Age

The age of Jennifer Lynn Matter is 51 years.


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Jennifer Lynn Matter abandoning her newborn son to die on an icy beach

Matter said that she had hidden her pregnancy from others. She said that she put the baby in the sand, near the water’s edge, without clothes or a blanket. Nighttime temperatures at that time of year would generally be around freezing, she said. After giving birth, she didn’t tell anyone that she had left him on that icy beach.

“I left Infant Male on the beach, walked away, got in my car and drove away with no intention of coming back,” she wrote. Matter admitted to knowing that she would die exposed like this, without food, shelter, clothing, or protection from the weather and wildlife. The boy was found dead near the water’s edge at 12:52 p.m. on December 7, 2003.

“The autopsy documented that the infant was a full-term newborn male who was likely born alive,” the complaint against Matter says. “Additional findings noted blunt force head injuries, possibly due to the birth process, including multiple small areas of subgaleal hemorrhage, scant left subdural hemorrhage, and intraparenchymal brain hemorrhage. No congenital anomalies were observed and there were early decay changes. The coroner determined that the manner of death was homicide and that the cause of death was undetermined.


She was convicted of second degree murder with intent, not premeditated. In exchange for the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to withdraw his motion to seek punishment above the guidelines. Also, they would drop the second charge, which was second-degree murder without intent.

According to the documents, Matter had two other children at the time of the 2003 incident, ages 6 and 9. Investigators said she also abandoned a newborn daughter in 1999.

According to the complaint, she said her pregnancy took her by surprise and she gave birth in her bathroom. She claimed that the baby was born blue, was not breathing and was not crying. Freaking out, she placed the baby on a towel. She figured she passed a day, but she wasn’t sure because she was drinking a lot.


She never told anyone what happened. She drove to Bay Point Park in the middle of the night, put the baby in the water near the boathouse and drove away, she said in the complaint. “The matter stated that a few days later she heard that the baby had been found,” the documents said.Read More…….

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