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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Chess grandmaster Alejandro Ramírez has been accused of sexually assaulting the United States women’s chess champion. He has been indicted after numerous misconduct allegations against him. Recently, women’s chess champion Jennifer Shahade claimed in a tweet on Wednesday, February 15, that Ramirez had assaulted her twice and that she had seen “alarming evidence” of other victims and even witnessed the “abuse of a minor.”

Shahade is a two-time US Women’s Chess Champion, grandmaster, head of the USCF women’s program, and the author of numerous chess-related books and poker player, Grid reports. Other than that, he has worked with Ramírez, a 34-year-old grandmaster, coach, and commentator of Costa Rican and American descent, for many years as a commentator for elite chess tournaments held at the Saint Louis Chess Club, as per reported by Chess.

US Chess and the Saint Louis Chess Club are investigating the matter of Ramirez, 34, after a series of alleged incidents, including at least one involving a minor, the DailyMail reported. The US Chess statement reads: “US Chess is aware that one of its employees has made serious allegations about a member of the chess community. US Chess will not comment on the status of any internal complaints.”


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The age of Jennifer Shahade is not known.

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Jennifer Shahade sexually assulted by Alejandro Ramirez

Women’s Chess Master Shahade took to Twitter and shared chilling details about Ramirez. She wrote: “Time is up” and shared two screenshots that read: “There are currently multiple ongoing investigations into Alejandro Ramirez and sexual misconduct, including a series of alleged incidents involving a minor.”

Shahade later claimed that he assaulted her twice about a decade ago: “He assaulted me twice, 9 and 10 years ago. I kept going until the last two years, when several women, independent of each other and with no knowledge of my own experience , approached me with their own stories of alleged abuse. These accounts were from much younger alleged victims. I saw alarming evidence, including text messages admitting to abusing a minor while I was training her, as well as a text message to an alleged victim for being an underage ‘temptress'”.


The second screenshot added: “The road to the investigation and the possible consequences has been a very stressful process. You may have noticed that I have taken a step back in the comments as this has unfolded. I have filled the time with the poker”. , writing and promoting girls in chess.” The screenshot further added: “And yet much of that work to make chess more inclusive is pointless if we can’t make it clear that the safety of women, girls and boys is the top priority. And that’s why I’m talking now. Thank you for your support and patience to get more details.”Read More….

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