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In connection with the attacks on four electrical substations in Washington state that left 14,000 people without power on Christmas Day, two people have been arrested. Jeremy Crahan and Matthew Greenwood planned to cut the power to attempt a robbery.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington in Tacoma, the couple admitted to investigators that the sole purpose of their plan was to rob a cash register from a nearby business.

The men cut off power to locals, leaving them with a dark and cold holiday weekend, then punched the lock of a business and seized its cash register.


Customers were without power over the holidays as a result of overnight attacks on substations in Pierce County, which also resulted in approximately $3 million in damage. Crahan, 40, and Greenwood, 32, who were arrested Dec. 31, are charged with possessing an unregistered firearm and conspiring to damage power facilities. Graham, Elk Plain, Kapowsin, and Hemlock were the four substations targeted.

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Jeremy Crahan and Matthew Greenwood Washington power substation attacks on Christmas Day

For the conspiracy charge and 10 years for possessing an unlicensed firearm in their possession, Crahan and Greenwood can receive up to 20 years in prison. According to US Attorney Nick Brown for the Western District of Washington, the men were initially identified as likely suspects through cellphone data and security footage.

A pickup truck and a man are seen in photos of the suspect taken at one of Tacoma’s electrical substations, according to a Daily Mail report. A truck similar to that one was linked to the incidents.

Authorities added that a search turned up several components of the suspects’ unique attire. Agents also discovered two unregistered short-barreled weapons during the search. One of the weapons seized had an aftermarket silencer attached. A law enforcement official suggested last week that those responsible for the incident may have been trying to “send a message.”


According to Sergeant Darren Moss, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the cases. Regarding the conceivable reason, Sergeant Moss commented, “We can’t confirm that.” “But obviously, we’re going to look at it that way. Four of them in one day. Christmas Day. That screams, ‘I want to make a point.

What point do you want to make? I don’t know.” A worker told police about a break-in at one of the targets, and that’s how they first learned of the attacks.

Although there was no evidence of property theft, officers discovered equipment that had been damaged and signs of forced entry Several hours after the initial call, officers were summoned to the second substation for a new reported trespass At about the same time, officers investigated the third and fourth break-ins that also did not result in theft of property but rather damage in the team.Read More…..


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