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A super-earning OnlyFans star recently shared a shocking self-admission about her lifestyle, revealing that she showered just 37 times in all of 2022. , Jan. 1 to share the shocking information.

As part of her 2022 summary, she calculated that she has very few showers or baths in a year. She said she engaged in about twice as much sex as she did in the showers, with 63 sexual encounters last year. Aella said that she had tracked her daily activities on the Daylio app for the past year to get her lifestyle statistics.

The adult star also shared a list of other things she did other than bathe in the past year. Activities that fell below showering on the sex expert’s list included the number of times she used various drugs, traveled, exercised, danced and got sick.


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Aella Fans star claims she had twice the amount of sex

However, it was just the statistic of her taking a shower that caught a lot of people’s attention. One of her followers pointed to the stat and simply wrote ‘> showered > 37’. To which Aella replied, “Yes, I try not to disturb my skin’s natural microbiome too much.”


Aella further explained, “If I shower too often, I seem to stink more! Although I regularly use a bidet and wash my armpits and genitals. She added that she also washes her face and brushes her teeth daily, and changes the sheets twice a month. But her dermatology excuses didn’t really resonate with some.

One user said: “37 showers is crazy to me. I shower twice a day and many days 3 times in the summer or just because I may have been running. You stink. You gotta do it,” another user linked the shower stats to social double standards, saying, “How come when Aella showers once a week it’s cool but when I do it’s not just social norms bro ?

One user said the fewer showers highlighted a major problem among social media users. “This thread makes me wonder how much water people who are obsessed with showering use because their [black and white] thinking has led them to believe that anything that isn’t immediately sanitized is disgusting,” they tweeted. “And I’ve never questioned the narrative that their bodies are inherently disgusting and require soap.”


This debatable case of questionable hygiene is reminiscent of how various celebrities have talked about taking fewer showers than is considered the norm. In 2021, Jake Gyllenhaal, 42, opened up about how he feels bathing is less necessary for him.

“More and more I find that bathing is less necessary,” he told Vanity Fair. Taylor Swift also became part of the talk when she skipped many leg days in the shower, while star parents including Kristen Bell, 42, and Dax Shepard, 48, said they subscribe to lathering up their children. only when dirt is visible.Read More….

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