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A Manhattan surgeon has been accused of “savagely” beating his dentist ex-girlfriend, who recently filed a lawsuit alleging the beatings left her with broken bones, a concussion and miscarriage. Deny “Nora” Dolatabadi, 40, claims that Joseph Clayton Finley, 53, used to get drunk and beat her while calling her a “w***e” and threatening to kill her during their roughly four-year relationship, according to a lawsuit she filed. on Friday, December 30.

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dolatabadi claims Finley tried to strangle her once, breaking her toes, and concussing her ribs, resulting in scratches, bruises and an injury to her ear.

“He ruined my life and he shouldn’t get away with it,” Dolatabadi told the New York Post this week. “I have a lifelong injury. I have pain every night. There is not a single second that I am not aware of the pain in my foot,” she added.


According to the filing, the assault in March 2021 was so serious that it led Dolatabadi to abort her unborn child. Finley’s attorney said he has “vigorously” disputed the allegations, according to the outlet.

Joseph Clayton Finley Age

The age of Joseph Clayton Finley is 53 years.

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Joseph Clayton Finley Accused of “savagely” hitting his dentist ex-girlfriend

According to a Manhattan criminal court complaint, Finley was arrested on September 25, 2022, and charged with one count of second-degree strangulation, six counts of third-degree assault, and two counts of third-degree criminal mischief.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office verified that the ENT expert had been released without posting bail and was scheduled to return to court on February 8 on that case.


According to Dolatabadi’s lawsuit, Finley began dating the Iranian immigrant in March 2018 and they moved into a Tribeca apartment together in August of the same year.

Shortly thereafter, on October 30, 2018, according to court documents, Finley allegedly launched her first assault on her girlfriend, breaking her ribs and calling her “w***e” repeatedly. She allegedly stopped drinking after the initial event and did not abuse Dolatabadi again until July 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic caused her to drink again.

Finley “savagely beat” Dolatabadi once again on July 5, 2020, while threatening to kill him. Before leaving her “bleeding and concussed on the bathroom floor,” according to the lawsuit. According to court documents, Finley punched Dolatabadi hard on the ear during the incident and she was left lying on the bathroom floor for two days “vomiting and oozing fluid from her ear.” According to the lawsuit, when she requested to see a doctor, Finley, who had allegedly begun consuming “1.75 liters of bourbon a day,” allegedly replied that “he was an ENT and she didn’t need another,” according to the New York Post. .


Finley allegedly threatened to report her in further assaults, once yelling, “I’ll send your terrorist ass back to Iran.” According to court documents, he also threatened to “disfigure” her and claimed that he would “have to kill her” if it hurt her career. On October 3, 2020, she allegedly broke Dolatabadi’s toe when she “slammed a door in his foot.” On December 17, 2021, according to her reports, she threw her to the ground and re-injured her “previously operated on her right foot”, fracturing the same toe once more.

In February 2022, Dolatabadi found out that she was expecting Finley’s child. The lawsuit claims that on March 31, 2021, her ex-boyfriend punched her in the stomach despite knowing she was pregnant. According to court documents, Dolatabadi visited an obstetrician on April 2 and was told that she had miscarried and that it was likely caused by the altercation three days earlier. According to the file, Finley reportedly punched Dolatabadi across her face while they were in the car that day, breaking her sunglasses and slashing her forehead. “You deserve this, what kind of child wants you as a mother?” she allegedly told her, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Ella Dolatabadi “resolved to escape the violence” following another claimed incident on May 19, 2022.

Dolatabadi’s lawyer, Kenneth Belkin, said her client was unable to work for two years due to a foot ailment. “You can’t do a [hospital] rotation as a dentist if you have broken toes,” Belkin said. “She is an immigrant to this country from Iran and she worked very hard to become a dentist and it wasn’t easy,” Belkin said. “Basically, this man’s action has robbed him of this,” according to the New York Post.


After their relationship “deteriorated”, Finley’s lawyer, Thomas Rotko, said his client filed for a protection order against Dolatabadi in Family Court in July 2022 and that since then “he has been haunting and haunting him.” from one court to another”, according to

Depending on the medium. According to Rotko, Dolatabadi’s landlord filed an eviction lawsuit against her because he refused to vacate the apartment they shared. Although her client has not been charged in the case, she said she later filed a criminal complaint against Finley. “Now comes another lawsuit, filed after he rejected her demand that she pay him $800,000, or $300,000, but only he reconciled with her,” Rotko said. “In all forums, he has vigorously denied these false allegations and hopes to be vindicated in court.”

Belkin responded that the Finley Family Court case was “retaliation for trying to trick the system into getting her [her out of her apartment] even though he had already been thrown out of the apartment by a protective order in a criminal court”. Belkin also said the landlord filed an eviction case because, “Mr. Finley stopped paying rent on the apartment.” He claimed his client sent Finley a legal demand letter in early November, giving the estranged couple “sufficient time” to try to come to an agreement before filing their lawsuit and that she had previously only offered to get back together. Finley on the condition that he seek professional drinking help.


However, according to Manhattan prosecutors, Finley, an otolaryngologist employed by Northwell Health, is accused of assaulting and strangling her ex-girlfriend, Dolatabadi, on at least seven separate occasions between April 2021 and May 2022.Read More….

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