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The previously convicted child molester who knew all along he was “going to prison,” as evidenced by a frantic text saying so, was sentenced Friday to nearly four decades behind bars for the hot-water murder of his girlfriend’s bathtub 2 year old daughter.  John Tucker Hardee, 38, on April 23, 2018, placed Harley Williams in scalding hot tub water and left her there, severely burning the victim’s skin, then texting the victim’s mother girl to come home from work when she began to realize what she had done. made. Despite the obvious gravity of the situation, the couple subjected Harley to a painful and torturous death rather than immediately taking the child to hospital, the Norfolk Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office said. Prosecutors said Hardee and Shelby Rae Love, 28, medicated the girl in various ways and did not call 911 until the early morning hours of April 24.

John Tucker Hardee Age

The age of John Tucker Hardee is 38 years.

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Charges on John Tucker Hardee

“Mr. Hardee was home alone with Harley while Ms. Love was at work on April 23, 2018. At some point that afternoon, Harley was scalded and sustained third-degree burns to 30 percent of her body. , mainly on the back, extremities and left ear. Mr. Hardee texted Ms. Love around 4:30 PM urging her to leave work, and arrived at her house around 5: 8 p.m.,” prosecutors said. “Upon arrival, Mr. Hardee claimed that Harley was burned because the bath water was too hot.


Ms. Love did not believe the burns were significant, so instead After taking Harley to the hospital, the couple attempted to medicate Harley with a combination of Tylenol, gauze, Pedialyte, lidocaine, and apple cider vinegar for the remainder of the night, around 3:30 a.m. on April 24, 2018. , Mr. Hardee called 911 when he noticed Harley was unresponsive, shaking and having trouble breathing.”

By then, it was too late to save Harley’s life. The victim had a seizure and it was clear to first responders that the girl’s severely burned skin was sloughing off, prosecutors said. Further investigation revealed that the victim was not only burned. She was beaten and she had a “toxic” level of lidocaine in her system.

“Harley’s autopsy also revealed blunt force injuries to the entire body, including a 7-inch contusion to the back of the head and a large bruise to the abdomen accompanied by an internal injury to the small intestine,” prosecutors said. At the time of the murder, John Tucker Hardee was on probation following a 2014 conviction for beating his own son and strangling another woman in a Virginia Beach case.


Although Hardee was indicted and convicted at trial in July 2022 as the primary molester in Harley’s murder, Shelby Rae Love will face her own sentencing on June 23 for child abuse or neglect and felony manslaughter stemming from her decision not to get help. Love pleaded guilty to those charges.

Judge John R. Doyle III on Friday sentenced defendant Hardee guilty to a total of 45 years, with 10 of those years suspended, for second-degree murder, child abuse or neglect, and malicious injury.

In short, Hardee was sentenced to 35 years in prison, plus 10 years of supervised probation if released. If he were released from prison and violated that probation, for example, by contacting a minor, the 10-year suspension would take effect. Commonwealth lawyer Ramin Fatehi said this child murder case was among the “most depraved” he had seen.


“The violence John Hardee inflicted on little Harley, the burns he forced her to suffer and the ‘treatment’ of her injuries that was worse than torture, is some of the most depraved I have seen in my career. Little Harley lived her last hours in agony. If she had received medical help, she might have survived. Instead, she suffered and died. Mr. Hardee has earned his sentence,” he said. “We will remember Harley.”

13 News Now covered the case in depth and explored how the system failed Harley Williams by allowing her to remain in the care of a dangerous convicted felon with a history of domestic violence.Read More……

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