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A callous drink driver who abandoned his passengers to die after an accident has been jailed. Jordan Lawrence, 25, fled a remote country road after a man and a teenage girl were thrown from his car. Estate worker Lawrence left Jonathan Graham, 37, a father of three, and Jasmine Herron, 19, on the shore of Loch Caolisport in Argyll and Bute while he returned home.

Jonathan Graham and Jasmine Herron Age

The ages of Jonathan Graham and Jasmine Herron are 37 and 19 years.

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Jonathan Graham and Jasmine Herron found dead

Their bodies were found the following morning by another member of staff at the Ormsary Estate, where Mr Graham was the chief gamekeeper. Lawrence had been drinking shots of whiskey, vodka and gin at a party after a pheasant hunt before crashing on the B8024 single track near Ormsary in Knapdale when his car hit a rock. Witnesses said that he appeared to be driving very fast. Referring to his car, one said: ‘he just whizzed by’. Lawrence had denied causing the dangerous driving deaths on January 25 and 26, 2020, but was convicted after a trial in Edinburgh High Court.


Sending him to jail before sentencing, Judge Lord Beckett told the first offender: “he has been found guilty of a very serious charge in circumstances that are clearly tragic for all concerned.” He also acknowledged that the trial had been difficult for jurors, as it involved “a deeply tragic event” that had a huge impact on a small community.

Lawrence, from Newmilns in Ayrshire, was found to be driving unfit due to alcohol consumption, speeding excessively and being unable to maintain observations. He was also convicted of failing to report the accident. Associate solicitor Graeme Jessop suggested that Lawrence had fled to “avoid detection by the authorities until he sobered up”.

Ranger James Reid, 40, who found the bodies, told the court that he initially feared Lawrence might also be dead somewhere because he knew the three had been in the car together. In a statement issued through his lawyers, Graham’s wife, Anna, 34, said: “No legal outcome will replace Jonny or address the pain and loss we have suffered.”Read More…..


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