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A Mobile Infirmary neurosurgeon was convicted Tuesday on reckless murder charges for killing a medical student in a high-speed crash while intoxicated. It took jurors a total of two hours from Monday afternoon to return a verdict against defendant Jonathan Pishoi Nakhla, 38, in Mobile, Alabama, according to WALA.

Authorities said he was drunk and that he was going 138 miles per hour at 12:40 a.m. on August 1, 2020, along an Interstate 65 service road. The victim, 24-year-old University of South Alabama School of Medicine student Samantha Thomas, was traveling with him. She died instantly during the crash, in which Nakhla’s 2018 Audi R8 Spyder convertible flipped multiple times, striking a guardrail and landing upside down in a ditch.

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The age of Jonathan Nakhla is 38 years.


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Jonathan Nakhla accused killing Samantha Alison Thomas

Defense attorney Dennis Knizley maintained that officers failed to properly investigate another driver, according to the outlet. He said that man cut Nakhla without using a signal. The defendant reportedly had to make a detour. The responding police were more interested in publicity, the defense argued. “We have a high profile case here guys,” an officer said in the reported body cam footage. He suggested that his client’s vehicle was not going as fast as prosecutors claimed.

He called the toxicology report on Nakhla’s BAC “doubtful” and said the body camera did not show that his client was affected. “There is no fame, there is no glory, when you investigate a case and it turns out that there is no crime,” he said. Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Lauren Walsh maintained that her office would have charged anyone with the same behavior as Nakhla.

“It’s insulting to me and to you as jurors for him to say that,” she said. Prosecutors reportedly presented witnesses who said Nakhla drank in the hours before the accident. The defendant also bragged about his fast driving and that he used a badge and identification card, given to him as a volunteer police surgeon, to get out of tickets.


“There was a recurring theme,” Walsh said. “The defendant believed that he was above the law.” Evidence, including skid marks, showed the car was going more than 100 miles per hour, Mobile police Detective David McCullough said.

An accident reconstruction expert who used to work as a state trooper testified that the vehicle’s “black box” indicated it was going 138 miles per hour for nine seconds before finally coming to a stop. The speed limit on the service road was 45 miles per hour. Surveillance footage reportedly showed Nakhla’s car to be a blur. The defense maintained that the crash would still have occurred.

“Johnny Nakhla didn’t stand a chance, and neither did anyone else driving the speed limit,” he said. But jurors agreed on the state that Nakhla was responsible. “He turned his car into a weapon,” Walsh said. “It’s a miracle that no one else was hurt.”Read More…..


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