Who were Josue and Jefferson Perez twins? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, vanished near Pleasure Pier in Galveston on Sunday

Josue and Jefferson Perez


Josue and Jefferson Perez Wiki – Josue and Jefferson Perez Biography

TEXAS: In a heartbreaking update on missing 13-year-old twins Josué and Jefferson Pérez, a body matching one of the boy’s descriptions has been discovered. Josue and Jefferson Perez who are from Honduras but lived in Houston, had traveled to Galveston to spend a day at the beach on Sunday, March 5. Things went awry when their parents suddenly lost sight of the children getting into the chest. -Deep water near the Pleasure Pier, about 20 meters from the shore.

Despite efforts by Galveston search and rescue teams to search for the twins “around the clock,” they were reportedly missing for two days. Their desperate search came to an end, however, after a beach walker discovered one of the boy’s bodies at 2 a.m. Tuesday, Galveston Beach Police Lt. Austin Kirwin said. He explained that the other twin could be found as far as a block or even three miles from the beach due to the slow east-west current, Click2Houston reported.

Josue and Jefferson Perez Age

The age of Josue and Jefferson Perez was 13 years


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Josue and Jefferson Perez cause of death

Lt. Austin Kirwin, of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol, spoke of the tragedy, saying, “They were in the water.” “The parents briefly lost sight of them and looked into the area and didn’t see them,” he said. It’s unclear what happened to the boys after they were seen in “chest-deep” or “waist-deep” water on the beach on Galveston Island. they were hit by terrible weather conditions.

Galveston Beach Patrol Chief Peter Lewis said his team had been looking for the twins “all day” since they went missing Sunday night. “Today, we’re doing shoreline searches,” Davis said Monday. “We are pulling a Jet Ski into the water to check near all the rocks and jetties. We have a bit of a current, so we’re concentrating on the west. We’re going to search all day.”

Kirwin said: “The real limiting factor for us at the moment is this coming fog. That will prevent us from searching as well as we want to,” according to the Mirror. “Also, the water is still relatively cold. It’s about 67° this morning, so without a wetsuit, the time you can be in the water decreases.” He also advised patrons on the beach to stay calm if they ever get caught in a rip current.


Added Kirwin: “You never know what the beach can do. It’s not a pool. It’s not safe water, even though it looks like it is. So always swim with a friend and know how to swim,” the source reported. “In case you do get caught in a rip current, the key point is not to panic. If you just relax and try to stay calm, the current will eventually carry you back to shore. The #1 Killer of Drowning is that panic mode,” he added.Read More…..


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