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The missing case of Kristin Smart revealed another revelation when the San Luis Obispo Police Department released another video of the interrogation of Paul Flores. In the June 19, 1996 video, Flores can be seen talking about his black eyes. Smart, 19, disappeared in 1996 from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. The last person to meet her was Flores as they were heading to the dormitories on the California Polytechnic State University campus on May 25, 1996. Flores’ father, Ruben Flores, 81, was acquitted of being an accessory to the murder. .

In video posted by William Hanley and Larry Hobson, investigators with the San Luis Obispo Police Department, Flores can be seen facing questions related to his black eye. Hobson asked, “Why was it so hard for you to tell us that your black eye hit the steering wheel?” To which he replies, “It didn’t really matter.” “What do you mean it didn’t matter?” Hobson asked. “It was days later,” Flores responded. Flores was later asked, “If it didn’t matter, why did you lie about it?” Florbes then asked, “Why does it matter if I leave out little details?”

Paul Flores Age

The age of Paul Flores is 81 years.


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Paul Flores accused of killing Kristin Smart

Hobson then asked Flores if there was “anything else you told us that you didn’t think was a big deal.” Flores replied: “No.” Hobson added: “It’s not a big deal if you haven’t told us the truth.” Once again, Flores said: “No.” Hobson then asked, “How do we know that?” “Take my word for it, I guess,” Flores said. “You’re not acknowledging that any of this happened, and yet all these other people are telling us that it happened,” Hobson said in a recorded interview. “I guess I had a blackout at the time […] but I remember her walking away,” Flores said.

Flores has delivered different stories about his black eye. According to the documents, “On Memorial Day in 1996, Paul Flores was driven to the Arroyo Grande Police Department station by his father, Ruben Flores, “to handle a warrant that had been outstanding for his DUI arrest since February of 1996”. Here, one of his mugshots was taken, indicating that he has a black eye. This, in fact, became a matter of concern for the investigation into why he had the bruise.

Flores arrived at the Arroyo Grande police station shortly before 11 pm on Monday, May 27, 1996, with a black eye. Meanwhile, Cal Poly’s police investigation noted “a slight, yellowish discoloration under his right eye” when officers first contacted Flores the day after he arrived at the Arroyo Grande police station: May 28. May 1996.


On May 30, 1996, in an interview with the Cal Poly police and sheriff’s office, Flores said that he “got nudged playing basketball” with friends the previous Monday, resulting in a black eye. In a June 1996 interview, he admitted that he lied about the black eye in the previous interview. This time, Flores said he got it while removing the radio from his truck early on the morning of Memorial Day in 1996. When asked the reason behind the lie during the interview, Flores said “because it doesn’t sound like something likely and it would make it sound like a klutz.”

Flores was found guilty of first-degree murder even though authorities never found Smart’s body, and he was sentenced to prison for 25 years. He is currently being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.Read More…..

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