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The woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend last month, after being accused of secretly poisoning the deceased’s drinks with antifreeze.

Judy Church, 64, is accused of killing 55-year-old Leroy Fowler by giving him the fatal dose of ethylene glycol in a coffee-flavored milkshake he ingested on the night of November 11, police say.

Church, a retired schoolteacher from Massachusetts, appeared briefly in court on Friday wearing a Boston College hoodie, a day after she was arrested. Her appearance saw her denied bail and ordered back to court for the next month.


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The age of Judy Church is 64 years.

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Judy Church Charged with murdering her boyfriend by poisoning

The allegation comes as police in the small seaside town expressed the belief that Fowler was poisoned with ethylene glycol, an industrial compound commonly found in engine coolant. Antifreeze is often used in poisoning due to the fact that it can be ingested unknowingly due to its syrupy texture and sweet taste.

Surveillance footage of Church’s apartment, where she lived with Fowler, showed unidentified containers resembling the deadly substance.

Fowler died two days after showing symptoms of poisoning, during which time he was taken to three different hospitals in the northeastern part of the state for care.


However, after almost 48 hours trying to heal the middle-aged victim, the efforts of the doctors were not enough and Fowler died on November 13. He left behind a sister, a son and an eight-year-old grandson, whom relatives said he constantly spent time with.

Aside from the unconfirmed bottles found at Church’s, details surrounding Fowler’s death, as well as the two parties involved, are scant.

Court records obtained by NBC Boston revealed that Fowler had told “two family members” that she thought Church might be poisoning him with a coffee milkshake she often made for him.


In a statement, the Essex County District Attorney’s office said Church called 911 around 8 p.m. m. to report that her boyfriend was in “medical distress.”

Court records further revealed that Church, during the last moments of her love affair, tried to convince doctors that she should be her health care representative.

However, doctors at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston denied that request.


Fowler’s son, also named Leroy, later told detectives that Church had taken out a life insurance policy in her father’s name about a year ago.

Leroy, who recalled his father to the Daily Beast on Friday as “a good man who ‘loved his children and loved his grandchildren'”, admitted, however, that he has no proof of the alleged policy. .

“He was a nice guy,” Fowler wrote to the outlet after declining an interview. “Not perfect, but he was a good guy.”


He added that Church, who called 911 the night of the murder and told dispatchers “my boyfriend must have ingested something,” at one point worked as a school teacher, but did not specify where.

In a post on Church’s Facebook after news of his arrest Thursday, Leroy posted a photo of an article and wrote a cryptic caption for the alleged murderer of his father: “The cats are out of the bag. now”. I had to keep quiet but not anymore… it’s time to pay the piper!’

Meanwhile, Fowler’s stepson told investigators that Fowler suggested “out of the blue” that Church was poisoning him just two weeks earlier, something the victim’s sister, Tammy Carbone, said she had dismissed as a joke.


Telling investigators that Fowler suggested ‘out of the blue’ that Church was poisoning him, Fowler’s stepson, Michael Hawkins, told police that Fowler was fighting the poison at one of three hospitals.

Cops also said Hawkins revealed to them that Fowler had been known to “go back and forth” between Church and a second girlfriend.

Fowler also said, according to her stepson, that he “felt better” when he wasn’t at Church’s house, but that he relied on her for most of her meals.


Church was arrested Thursday afternoon by the state police’s ‘Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section’ after an autopsy found Fowler was murdered, with police ruling Church the sole suspect in the case.

During the subsequent investigation, Carbone confided to police that her sister said Church might be contaminating the coffee smoothies she often came to make for him.
The arrest came more than a month after Fowler’s death and has rocked the normally quiet beach community in the far northeastern corner of the Bay State..Read More….

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