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STREET. LOUIS – A woman seen harassing a South St. Louis family in a viral video was charged Wednesday in connection with a break-in at the same family’s home more than a year ago. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office charged Judy Kline , 54, with first degree robbery, first degree property damage and unlawful use of a weapon. However, Kline is not yet in police custody.

According to Sgt. Charles Wall, a spokesman for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the crimes allegedly occurred on January 5, 2022, in the 5700 block of Lisette Avenue, located in the Princeton Heights neighborhood.

A probable cause statement filed by police states that Kline knocked on the front door and brandished a hammer. Ring camera video recorded her screaming: “What the hell are you doing in my house? Get out, bitch! Go out! It is my home!” The woman in the video went to the back of the house and used the hammer to break the window in the basement door. She then began to break a dryer.


A male resident was inside the home with his 4-year-old daughter at the time of the search. The resident allegedly confronted Kline, who yelled insults at him as she held the hammer over her head in a threatening manner.

Judy Kline Age

The age of Judy Kline is 54 years.

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Judy Kline charged after video of St. Louis family harassment

Sgt. Wall said Kline was arrested for the initial raid but was later released. Our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Kline continued to visit the home for the next 12 months and repeatedly harassed the family.


Atima Suárez, the eldest daughter of the owner of the house, shared the Ring security video on social networks and regretted that nothing has been done to protect the family from her. That video, which allegedly shows Kline taking the mail from the house and sitting outside the residence overnight, went viral on TikTok.

The probable cause statement states that Kline had already received an ex parte protective order from the homeowner and she has a court date on that matter scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, February 15. Suarez said investigators told her Kline was being held Wednesday at an area hospital for a mental evaluation. She encourages anyone facing bullying to speak up.

“They shouldn’t be afraid to speak up at all because of situations like this,” she said. “If you don’t like the answer you got from the police, then find another route to get the answer you want.” A spokesperson for the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office issued this statement:


“The Circuit Attorney’s Office works closely with law enforcement to hold people accountable for their criminal behavior. When cases are filed by police, the SLMPD determines the threat to public safety to assess whether the case should be reviewed within 24 hours of requesting a warrant. CAO has filed the injunction request related to this case, and is awaiting video evidence that was not initially submitted and is now circulating on the Internet. If anyone has additional information, we ask that they contact the police or our office.”Read More…..

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