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Authorities are treating the case of a Brazilian model and nightclub owner, who was found stabbed to death with 11 stab wounds, as a homicide. The gruesome crime became public on February 3 when Thais Rocha Secundino , 28, was discovered dead in her jeep in São Paulo, Brazil. She had stab wounds to her neck, abdomen and back, according to authorities, but the murder weapon has yet to be found.

According to police spokeswoman Ivalda Aleixo, Secundino, who ran several nightclubs, was murdered “due to alleged embezzlement” from her companies. The victim’s driver, Leandro Aparecido Dos Santos, 45, and one of her closest friends, Cintia María Feliciano Peixe, 31, who worked in one of Secundino’s wineries, were arrested as suspects.

“The victim’s boyfriend said that Thaís had gone to look for her friend to give her an explanation, but then she did not return home,” Aleixo said, adding: “They deny the crime, but there are strong indications that they took part. in the murder of the businesswoman”.


Thais Rocha Secundino Age

The age of Thais Rocha Secundino is 28 years.

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Thais Rocha Secundino found dead in her car

According to UOL, the authorities maintained during the investigation that the victim could have been a money lender, alleging that Peixe was among those in charge of collecting debts. Peixe and Secundino reportedly argued just before her death when the model began to think that her best friend had been stealing money from her company with the help of Santos.

According to the New York Post, officials told Jam Press that the two suspects would be held in a temporary facility for 30 days due to the “heinous” nature of the crime. The police have taken the victim’s car and the suspects’ phones, which they want to examine. CCTV footage from the area at the time of Secundino’s death is also being examined by the authorities. To avoid obstructing the ongoing homicide investigation, investigators chose not to release any additional information.


Secundino was a well-known figure on Instagram, where she regularly shared risqué photos for fans of her, as well as running various businesses. In pictures of her, she flaunted her lavish lifestyle that included high-end cars and exotic vacations. The businesswoman said in her last post, published two weeks ago, “The light that guides me is much stronger than the eyes that surround me.”Read More…..


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