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ENGLAND: Julia Wandelt the 21-year-old Polish girl who created an Instagram account under the name ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ to try to prove that she was the minor who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007, reportedly admitted that she is not the missing British girl. Despite the supposed photographic evidence that would indicate parallels to young Maddie, including the coloboma mark that one in 10,000 children has, some moles, as well as some gestures resembling those of Kate and Jerry McCann, there were other pieces of the puzzles that didn’t fit together, like for the Republic.

Thousands of people were shocked to learn that Faustyna confessed Friday that she was “maybe not Madeleine McCann” in an Instagram direct post she made with her agent, medium Fia Johansson, The Storiest reported. The Polish young woman has made these reticent statements despite having completed all the evidence that suggested that she was the youngest of the McCanns. But according to both, there is “evidence” that something “very serious” has happened in her life. This implies that she has nothing to do with Madeleine and is instead related to another kidnapped girl.

Julia Wandelt Age

The age of Julia Wandelt is 21 years.


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Julia Wandelt dmits’ she is not Madeleine McCann

After confirming a translation from the Polish publication Gazeta, Global News claimed that Polish police stated that they had ruled out Faustyna, who also goes by Julia Wendell, and Julia Wandelt, who claimed to be the missing girl.

Madeleine McCann would only be 19 years old, but Faustyna has stated that she doesn’t think her age is accurate. The McCann family agreed for a DNA test to determine the veracity of the woman who claims to be her missing daughter. Faustyna, 21, took to social media to draw attention to similarities between herself and Madeleine McCann, including dimples, a rare eye condition and strategically placed freckles and moles.

She attracted the attention of millions of people very quickly. However, Instagram removed Faustyna’s accounts after Polish authorities refuted that claim late last week. Even Faustyna’s own parents have accused her of “running a circus”, denying that her daughter is Madeleine and refusing to take a DNA test to prove it. Although the officials did not clarify how they reached this conclusion, they did say that the investigation of her is still ongoing.Read More…..


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