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Fox News host Julie Banderas sensationally announced she was getting divorced on live television before blasting Valentine’s Day, claiming she “didn’t get anything” when she was married. The 49-year-old mother of three hinted at her surprise announcement on Twitter from her just hours before Thursday night’s show, writing: “Tune in @gutfeldfox tonight at 11pm. ET’. I have a little announcement at the end of the show. (During the Valentine’s Day segment, ironically.)’ She was seen laughing when host Greg Gutfeld asked if she “was going to buy something for Valentine’s Day” and if her relationship was “over.”

“Fuck Valentine’s Day,” she replied, as she sat calmly with her arm resting on the back of her chair. ‘Yeah, it’s stupid. Even when I was married, I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day‚Ķ well, I’m getting divorced, I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the first time. Congratulations are in order, if you know me you’d clap… That was a newsflash, right there,’ joked the 18-year Fox veteran, who married Andrew Sansone, 55, in 2009.

Banderas went on to call the special day a ‘Hallmark holiday’.


Julie Banderas Age

The age of Julie Banderas is 49 years.

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Julie Banderas is getting a divorce on live television

“It’s stupid, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” she said, before giving advice to the men in the audience on how to give flowers to her loved ones. “By the way, guys, if you’re going to buy your girl flowers, don’t take them in a box, that’s the only advice I have for you,” she said. ‘If you ever get to be in a box, you better be dead.’

Banderas’ social media pages are often filled with photos of her sons Addison, Avery and Andrew doing various activities, including her daughter Avery singing, but little of Sansone. He announced the split from her on her Twitter page on December 9, saying the financial adviser would be her ‘soon to be ex’ in response to a fan who told him the couple had ‘split’ them.


But it seems the host, who appeared on Fox’s Outnumbered today, isn’t done talking about getting divorced from her yet, as she responded to various fans on Twitter following the announcement. She posted a text conversation with her friend Ray P., who texted back saying, ‘Hi Jules! I’m not sure what I bought you as a wedding gift, but I’d like you to return it to me now. She replied: ‘Lolololol’.

However, Ray jokingly replied, Wait no lol check the gift registry and give it back to me. “I love my friends,” he wrote on Twitter. Another Twitter user said ‘you’re not an adult until you’ve been divorced once’. Good luck in the future, in the end, you will wish you had done it sooner. Banderas replied: ‘Yes, like 13 years ago.’

Banderas and Sansone were married in 2009 at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City at the ages of 35 and 42, respectively. has contacted Sansone for comment. Sansone’s social media is private, outside of her business Facebook account. She is a financial advisor to Allied Wealth Partners, which “provides financial security to individuals and businesses in the form of insurance.”


She joined Allied Wealth Partners in March 2014 and received the Jack Langdon New Advisor of the Year award in 2016 for excellence in financial services, according to the company’s website. His passion for wealth management stems from her father’s death at the young age of 47 and she did not have a financial plan in place, the website said.

According to his bio on the website, Sansone likes to “read, snowboard, golf, sail and take professional naps” and he resides in Manhattan with his wife and children. It is unknown if the estranged spouses currently share a home. Many have already started shooting their shot on Twitter for the impressive host. ‘So how are you?’ one Twitter hilariously wrote. Patrick McNulty wrote: ‘Nice to know you’re single again. Maybe we normal people will have a chance.

Another posted a photo of himself at the gas pump, perhaps showing the apple of his eye that he has money to spend, writing: ‘Sorry for the D word. 1 door closes and another opens. You are in my prayers, precious sister!’ One woman praised by the Fox veteran, wrote: “You were too hot for your husband anyway.”Read More……


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