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WISCONSIN: A Wisconsin woman was charged with raping a 13-year-old boy after allegedly telling him he was making her “horny” and then luring the boy by sending him sex videos and eventually inviting him to her apartment three times for sex. . Kaitlyn Skar, 27, was arrested and charged with repeated acts of sexual assault on a child and seduction of children on Friday, March 24.

Skar lives near the boy’s aunt and this is how she supposedly met. The woman lured the boy away by offering him cookies and taking a puff from her vaporizer before exchanging phone numbers. During her conversation, Skar allegedly told the boy that he was making her “horny” and started sending him sex tapes. She later invited the 13-year-old girl to her apartment and the pair had sex on three different occasions.

Kaitlyn Skar Age

The age of Kaitlyn Skar is 27 years.


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Kaitlyn Skar sexually assaulting boy, 13,

At one point, the 27-year-old apparently lashed out at the 13-year-old for “cheating” on her. The boy’s mother reported the sexual assaults to the Green Bay Police Department, alleging that her unidentified son was upset that Skar had threatened to have someone hit and harass him, according to WSBT.

After one of her sexual encounters, the 27-year-old became upset with the 13-year-old after she sent him a video message and he didn’t reply, according to the source. However, the boy reportedly approached Skar and admitted that he was “cheating” on her, but the older woman told him that she “didn’t know what cheating was [because] she was only 16,” the source claimed. .

However, the woman was arrested after the child’s mother reported the sexual offense of minors to the police. Skar then allegedly admitted to the Green Bay Police Department that she was having sex with the 13-year-old girl. Although she claimed that she thought the boy was 16 years old, the source reported. The 27-year-old faces charges of up to 40 years for sexual assault and 25 years for incitement of minors. She remains in custody and her bond is set at $10,000. Wisconsin’s age of consent is 18 years old.Read More……


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