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It’s been over a year since Kara Hyde, then 23, went missing from Hamilton, Ohio. Kara reportedly left her mother’s Grand Boulevard home on December 5, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. No one has heard from her since.

One year after her disappearance, Kara’s mother, Lisa Hyde, struggles to bring her home. “Kara was a beautiful young woman. She struggled with mental health and personal issues but moved on. She was smart, creative, funny and caring, but she was also naive, trusting and childish in nature,” Lisa, 61, told him. to MEAWW.

Kara, however, began to struggle with mental health issues very early in her life. “When Kara turned 15, she began to show symptoms of being bipolar. She became filled with anxiety and depression.


She developed serious abandonment issues. She was a sad and angry young girl. She became suicidal and went to the hospital for three different attempts,” Lisa said.

“This is a sore spot for me,” Lisa continued. “I feel like the medical profession failed Kara repeatedly. The hospital didn’t take her attempts seriously and never held her for evaluation.

Kara Hyde Age

The age of Kara Hyde was 23 years at the time of missing.


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Kara Hyde’s mother

I once had Kara go to a counselor. This counselor told Kara she could leave if she didn’t.” .wanted to be there, and Kara left, of course. As she approached her 20s, she began to show signs of histrionic disorder and borderline personality disorder. Her moods and behavior became very uncontrollable. Now I was filled with anger and sadness.”


“At 21, Kara was tricked into taking meth. Everything changed, she changed. Her self-loathing of her situation sent her down a path of self-destruction,” Lisa said. At that time she was in love with a boy, but she could not maintain the relationship. She broke his heart and left her vulnerable.

However, she kept her routine, she worked every day. She was very proud of the fact that she had not had a teenage pregnancy and that she did not use drugs. Then it happened, they tricked her into taking drugs.” Lisa didn’t specifically mention who tricked her into taking drugs.

Kara soon had a new boyfriend, and Lisa said that she believes that he turned her daughter against her, to the point that Kara claimed that Lisa abused her. “I have read some of Kara’s messages to friends where she tells them that I was abusive to her. I have never abused or mistreated Kara a day in her life. She told these stories out of sympathy to get what she wanted.


It hurt me to read those messages , but I understand why she did it. Kara and I argued a lot about her drug use. I took her to rehab three times, and she walked out every time. Our relationship was strained and very stressful, but we still had our good days and our lives. laughs,” Kara recalled.

“I first became aware that Kara was missing during the first few days when she wasn’t answering my calls. I started calling Kara 20 minutes after she left my house,” Lisa said. “I wanted to make sure she came back, because I had important business to discuss with her.

I contacted her best friend, she always finds Kara for me if I can’t. I just found out I had to have a lifeline.” I had to undergo invasive tests all week. On top of that, my mother was admitted to the hospital, so I was in the hospital for six days dealing with the doctors. I ended up having to put my mom in hospice care. and settle it.”


“Shortly after, an ex of Kara’s called me and said they thought Kara might be dead in Crawford Woods. Kara’s dad said he was going to file a missing person report, but he didn’t. I should mention that Kara had been reported missing twice. before. The first time we couldn’t find her for a week, and her father filed a report. The second time, I was the victim of a horrible scam. A man called me and said he was going to beat Kara up and make her yell if I didn’t send him money. I was able to pass a note to a teller and the police showed up and took care of it,” he added.

“I think my daughter was the victim of her stalker ex-boyfriend, the same ex who called me and said he thought she was dead. I have every reason to believe this, but I can’t talk about it. I think he overdosed on her.” “. Where he hid her is the question. My worst plausible scenario is that he burned it and I’ll never find it,” Lisa said.

Lisa said she’s had her “ups and downs with the detective.” They are on good terms now. “This is a case that was never going to be solved in a day.” . Because she wasn’t reported missing immediately, she really put the detective at a disadvantage. This case has also been riddled with smokescreens and lies. There are a lot of different players and scenarios,” she said. This should never have happened to my baby,” Lisa said. “She was a good girl and now she would be 24 years old. She was raised in a good home, no drugs, no alcohol. she was raisedRead More……


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