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A woman injured in an explosion at a Jersey apartment block earlier this month died on Christmas Day, bringing the death toll to 10.

Kathleen (Kathy) McGinness,  who lived in Haut du Mont, adjacent to the building that collapsed, died at Jersey General Hospital.

Jersey Police Chief Robin Smith said: “I am in the incredibly sad position to confirm yet another Haut du Mont related death.


“Kathleen (Kathy) McGinness…had been admitted to hospital following the Pier Road incident. Her family is being supported by specially trained police family liaison officers and my thoughts, and the thoughts of all of us at Jersey States Police, are with them.”

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He added: “This incident has been incredibly challenging for everyone involved and I would like to commend the families for their stoicism in the face of such tragic circumstances.

“The island is right behind them and available to support them, but above all we are together to give them their privacy and time to grieve.”

Kathleen McGinness Age

The age of McGinness was 73 years at the time of death.


Kathleen McGinness, Cause of death, how did Kathy dies

The explosion, which occurred just after 4am on December 10, destroyed the building in St Helier. The other people who died were Peter Bowler, 72; Raymond (Raymie) Brown, 71; Romeu and Louise De Almeida, 67 and 64; Derek and Sylvia Ellis, 61 and 73; Ken and Jane Ralph, 72 and 71; and Billy Marsden, 63.

On Thursday, Jersey States Police confirmed that autopsies had been carried out and that the people listed as missing had been identified as those who died. Inquiries into nine of the deaths were expected to open on December 30 and would be postponed while the police investigation continues.

The Jersey gas system has been placed under investigation and the possibility of a criminal investigation has not been ruled out.


Reports suggest that on the Friday before the explosion, the fire department was called at 8:36 p.m. m. due to a suspected gas leak. Officers at the scene turned the case over to Islands Energy about 30 minutes later.

Speaking before the assembly of states, the island’s representative body, two days after the incident, Jersey’s head of government, Kristina Moore, said the police investigation would be independent “at every stage” and would provide the families with the facts. in duel.

“The devastating explosion at Haut du Mont has shocked everyone on the island and around the world. I’m sure [the assembly] members will have seen the footage, which makes viewing painful and unprecedented for Jersey in modern times.


“Simply put, most of us will never have seen anything like it. In conjunction with the ongoing recovery operation, a police investigation is underway into the events leading up to the explosion. Again, that investigation will be independent at every stage and will provide the facts of what happened for the families and loved ones of all involved.”

Last week, Jersey police said a cordon would be maintained at the site until the new year, adding that the “specialist scientific work” was expected to last several weeks.

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