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A California woman is suing the hospital that removed her breasts when she was 13, alleging that her doctors forced her to undergo the procedure under the “erroneous belief” that she was transgender. Kayla Lovdahl, now 18, says she underwent the invasive surgery after medical professionals urged her to “entertain” her plans when she was just 11 years old.

According to a lawsuit filed by Lovdahl against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and four doctors, it is claimed that they “handed Kayla the prescription pad and allowed her naive, emotional and childish roller coaster of feelings to dictate the so-called ‘treatment’ she would receive.” . receive.’

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The age of Kayla Lovdahl is 18 years.


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The legal challenge comes amid a growing chorus of ‘transitioning’ youth, many of whom claim they were subjected to death threats and intimidation after turning their backs on the ‘cult-like’ transgender community. After years of battling mental health issues, Lovdahl claims she was “exposed to online transgender influencers” who led her to “mistakenly” believe she was transgender when she was 11 years old.

With her parents unsure how best to support her, the preteen sought medical help, which quickly sent her down a path of risky treatments. At the age of 12, she was taking puberty blockers and testosterone even though she never received a proper psychological evaluation, according to the lawsuit.

Amid concerns about possible surgeries, Lovdahl’s doctors allegedly told her parents: “It is better to have a living son than a dead daughter.” Her entire transition assessment took just 75 minutes, she claims, as Lovdahl alleges the process that led to her surgery is “for-profit, ideological medical abuse.” Within six months, Lovdahl underwent a double mastectomy, a decision she now regrets after detransitioning a year ago.


His lawsuit condemned the system that allowed him to undergo invasive surgery at such a young age, saying: “There is no other area of medicine in which doctors surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a pathological state of evil.” functioning of the pituitary gland. based simply on the wishes of the young adolescent patient.’

After detransition, she says she began regular psychotherapy sessions to help her mental health, “which is the care she should have received all along,” the lawsuit says. “The vast majority of children identified as crossbreeds, if treated medically in early adolescence, are at risk of regretting the decision after they are old enough to realize their losses,” Lovdahl added.

She said the ordeal left her with “deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regrets.” She also claims that the hospital and doctors did not give her or her parents proper “informed consent,” which would have introduced therapy sessions, something she says was never offered.


In a statement, her lawyers criticized the proceedings as “an insane form of child abuse.” “We believe cases like this are the best way to stop them, especially in liberal states like California where reckless ideologues are pushing this radical agenda,” said attorney Charles Limandri. has contacted Kaiser Foundation Hospitals for comment.Read More……

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