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Beloved YouTube star Keenan Cahill has died aged just 27 after battling a lifelong illness. With the help of his charming personality

Cahill garnered the attention of some of the biggest pop stars in the industry through his dance moves and lip syncing. Katy Perry, David Guetta, Tyra Banks and Justin Bieber praised him for videos of him and even 50 Cent joined him in a video.

Cahill and 50 Cent rapped to Jeremih and 50 cent’s 2010 hit ‘Down on Me’ in the YouTuber’s bedroom. Videos of him amassed more than 500 million views.


The feel-good star was well known for his love of music and later became a music producer after earning a degree in audio engineering. His original music can be found on his Soundcloud and his YouTube channel.

Keenan Cahill Age

The age ofKeenan Cahill was 27 years.

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Keenan Cahill cause of death

Cahill suffered from Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, a disease that deteriorates the conditions of the organs. He underwent open heart surgery on December 15 according to TMZ. He was on life support after facing complications related to his treatment. He wished his fans well and posted updates about the upcoming surgery on his Twitter page.

“One week until open heart surgery. Wish me luck. Love you,” one image read, according to The Sun. One fan responded, “Praying for you Keinan!” “Good speed! Lots of love and best wishes,” another commented.


Several celebrities and fans paid tribute to Cahill after his tragic death. Damian Irvine tweeted: “Okay Keenan Cahill, a precociously talented and positive young man who pioneered social media content and rightfully paved the way for today’s superstars.

Keenan stepped in and volunteered to help @cronullasharks when the club I needed him the most. His help was invaluable.” DJ Pauly D tweeted: “Rip Keenan thank you for always making the world.

“Rest in love #KeenanCahill,” Perez Hilton wrote. Just Juice wrote: “Wow   Fight through your written matches on your journey from day 1.”


One fan tweeted: “That Brian Wilson Cody Ross Keenan Cahill video was such a pure moment in time. God bless his soul and let’s take back that humanity for each other in 2023,” while another wrote: “Keenan Cahill was literally the blueprint for a lot of YouTubers on how to go viral back then.”

“Keenan Cahill was an entrepreneur from the early days of the internet. He took the world by storm with his lip sync videos. Sadly, he has passed into the holy realm. Jortnite sends our condolences to his friends and family. The world lost a legend. Rest In Peace another fan wrote.Read More…….

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