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A widow with two children sued FedEx, alleging that FedEx’s use of defective tires caused the collision that killed her husband Hamilton. Kelsie Platt, 28, of Baldwin County, Alabama, said she and her two children, ages eight and five, are haunted by Hamilton’s death on September 21 after his car collided with a FedEx truck. Who had a flat tire on the interstate.

Hamilton was burned alive in the collision, and the remains were posted on social media for Platt to find when she was worried she was coming home late, according to WPMI.

“One of [the comments] was like, ‘Yeah, somebody’s definitely dead in that car. The smell was horrible going by.’ It was hard to see that, but I was still hoping he wasn’t there,” Platt said.


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Kelsei Platt Age

Rhea ge of Kelsei Platt is 28 years.


Kelsei Platt Wiki – Kelsei Platt Biography

Plett, a mother of two, launched a wrongful-death lawsuit against FedEx and Goodyear, the tire manufacturer, alleging that her tires were defective because the delivery service was essentially playing “Russian roulette” on the highways using their vehicles. It is the latest legal action against FedEx after the father of Athena Strand, a young woman who was murdered, sued the firm for $1 million for hiring her daughter’s killer.

Hamilton was “aware of her impending death and that she was burning alive,” according to Platt’s claim, because she had survived the initial impact when her car collided with the FedEx truck. Attorney Ed Rowan claimed that the event was specifically caused by defective retread tires, which underwent additional processing to remove wear.

The tires on the FedEx truck, according to Rowan, who spoke to WPBN, were worn, torn, and obviously in need of new ones. Rowan told WPBN this. “It’s a danger,” he said. “It’s playing Russian roulette to drive on the road with tires in this condition.” “I would also hope that FedEx is inspecting their vehicles and their tires. I mean, inspecting tires is one of the most important things you can do.”


Platt said she wanted the company to be held accountable, adding that her children are still reeling from losing her father. “My son is not doing so well,” Platt told local media. “He doesn’t understand heaven and that dad is in heaven. “There, for a while, he was angry at the idea that Jesus and God were holding him there.”

In a statement, FedEx said: “We continue to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Platt. We have been cooperating fully with the investigating authorities. We will defend the lawsuit.”Read More

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