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A male-to-female transgender child rapist has reportedly been transferred to a women’s prison in Washington. Brooke Lyn Sonia, who went by the name Brett David Sonia, is reportedly now in the Washington Correctional Facility for Women. The prison’s easy regimen has earned it the nickname ‘Camp Cupcake’.

According to Reduxx, Sonia was arrested after allegedly grooming a 13-year-old girl. A source named Shawn told the publication that someone she knows at the prison said Sonia “petrified” some inmates after telling them that she sometimes identifies as a man.

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Brooke Lyn Sonia, Trans child rapist sent to women’s prison

Sonia was convicted of a dozen charges in 2005 and 2006 in connection with the sexual exploitation of a girl. At the time of the crimes, Sonia identified herself as a man. By convincing the young woman that she would earn money “modelling”, she forced her to undress and perform sexual acts while he took pictures of her.

In 2005, Sonia was convicted in Los Angeles of 20 counts of lewd acts with a child and possession of child pornography. In 2006, the suspect was charged in Strafford County, New Hampshire, with repeatedly raping the girl and photographing the assault. Sonia was eventually sentenced to prison in both California and New Hampshire.


A Los Angeles County court will decide whether Sonia should serve additional prison time in California after the suspect has at least 22.5 years added to the New Hampshire sentence.

Sonia was sent to Washington in 2016 to serve part of her sentence after being incarcerated. This was a year after she began identifying as transgender. Sonia was transferred to various men’s facilities in Washington, but she repeatedly complained that she was not receiving adequate “gender reassignment care.”

In 2020, Sonia filed a complaint in which she claimed that she was at “risk of male assault” while she was incarcerated at the Airway Heights Correctional Center.


Now Shawn, who has a close relative at the Washington facility, has said he is “deeply concerned about the safety of women inside.” In prison, Sonia allegedly began to switch between identifying as a woman and as a man. “He was saying that he is both… he identifies as a man sometimes, and a woman sometimes,”

Shawn said. “I know he looks like a normal middle-aged man with glasses. My relative says he doesn’t look trans at all. My relative was approached by an individual who informed him that Sonia identifies as male.

He also said that at least one woman is terrified and use a buddy system to go to the bathroom.” “WCCW is known as ‘camp cupcake’ because it’s easy to spend time there. Men want to be there,” Shawn said.Read More



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