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Law enforcement officials have identified the mystery woman whose bikini-clad body was found stuffed in a garbage bag by a group of spearfishermen off Florida’s Gulf Coast as 34-year-old Heather Rose Strickland.

On Saturday, December 10, around 12:40 p.m. m., Strickland’s body was found wrapped in bedding and a plastic garbage bag floating 13 miles off the shore of Egmont Key at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

She was last seen on December 5 leaving HCA Florida Largo Hospital located at 14th Street Southwest.


The gruesome discovery was made by a group of spearfishers after they opened the bag and saw the woman’s corpse. The fishermen, however, could only make out that it was a human corpse that had some sort of bra or bikini strap attached to it.

It is unclear why she was in the hospital or if any of her loved ones were looking for her, according to the Daily Mail.

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Heather Rose Strickland Age

The age of Heather Rose Strickland was 34 years.


Heather Rose Strickland, Cause of death

According to WFLA News, since the woman’s body was found in federal waters, the FBI that took over the investigation has classified her death as “suspicious.”

Authorities are investigating how her body ended up in the ocean and are also awaiting the toxicology report to determine the cause of death. Strickland is originally from north Florida and has been living in the Clearwater-St Petersburg area for the past few years, the FBI said.

Her mother, also known as Cherry Rose Strickland, has posted different types of photos of her children to her Facebook page over the years. She is shown holding a newborn photo of her with a man named Peter Cruz in a post from December 7, 2012, according to the Daily Mail.


She is pictured with her arm around an unidentified man in a March 2021 post that reads: “It’s funny how people sit and talk down to each other on Facebook but that’s ok I’m a great mom and I love you too.”

Master, that’s all that matters.” Prior to the news of her death, Strickland is shown striking a sultry pose on February 17, which appeared to be her last post, according to the news outlet.

Strickland was around 5 feet 5 inches tall and had two tattoos, one on the right side of her neck with the letters ‘B’ and ‘E’ written in Old English. Her second tattoo is a rose located on the outer part of her right thigh.


The Coast Guard and the St. Petersburg Police Department were on scene to recover the body of the woman, who was initially referred to as the Jane Doe.

Captain Dylan Hubbard was in a nearby marina when his crew heard the distress call coming from the ship trying to contact the US Coast Guard after finding the body. When they heard the call, Hubbard said they called the ship but were not waiting for the captain’s response.

“He said, ‘See that plastic garbage bag in front of our boat? It’s a dead body,'” Hubbard recalled the captain telling him. “They’re on a small boat, it’s very up close and personal, don’t forget that photo,” he said of the discovery of the body, according to the.Read More


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