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An autopsy report confirmed the death of a two-year-old girl in a homeless shelter in Manhattan to be a homicide. The girl died last year from methadone overdose, as per the autopsy, authorities said on December 16.

Identified as Mariya Huebler, police said that the tot was found unconscious and unresponsive on June 7, 2021, at the shelter just before 11.45 pm.

The incident took place at the homeless shelter situated at Hamilton Place in Hamilton Heights, reports the New York Post.


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Mariya Huebler Age

The age of  Mariya Huebler was 2 years.


Mariya Huebler, Cause of Death

Authorities said there was nothing to indicate trauma at the time. As soon as Huebler was found ill, she was taken to Mount Sinai Saint Luke Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. However, on the morning of Friday, December 16, police ruled the case a homicide based on the report from the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office that noted the boy’s methadone use. Police stated that the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made so far, the New York Post reported.

Last year, the girl’s grieving mother wrote on a GoFundMe page that “the meaning of Mariya means loved by many or loved just like the meaning of my name Jedidah.

She was literally loved by so many and she touched so many people in such a short time that she has been on this earth. It just speaks to the character and conscience my daughter had at such a young age.”


“This tragedy has not only affected me but many others. Mariya was loved so deeply that it hurts her to recognize that she is no longer physically with us.

Anyone who knew me knew how much I loved my daughter, how much of a practical mother she was to Mariya. I still can’t believe this is real,” she wrote.

According to the New York Daily, the Harlem shelter is run by Help USA. This non-profit organization was founded in the 1980s by Governor Cuomo, whose sister Maria Cuomo Cole chairs the board of directors.


The Help USA shelter provided no facilities, including damaged walls, crib-related issues and poor housekeeping in the early 2010s, when inmates lacked shelter security and suffered from health problems, the New York Daily reports .

A 3-month-old girl died of cardiac arrest after being taken from the shelter in February 2014.Read More




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