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Jade Janks, a San Diego interior designer accused of killing her stepfather, Thomas Merriman, has spoken openly about her reaction to finding allegedly stolen nude photos on her screensaver.

She spoke at length during her trial on Friday, December 16. In her testimony, she told the San Diego County court that while she was cleaning her house while he was in a fall recovery center, Janks moved the mouse on her computer.

mistake, and that lit up her screen giving her a shocking revelation. Jade Janks, 39, is accused of drugging, asphyxiating and strangling Thomas Merriman, 64, on New Year’s Eve 2020.


“When I went to clean in her office area, she was cleaning things, I hit the mouse and it shook the screen to wake her up. There is a picture of female breasts on the screen.

I have a mole on my chest, those are my breasts,” she said. To the court. Janks claimed that there were more than 100 photos of herself, as most of them were supposedly cropped photos divided into photos of her body part. The interior designer alleged that some of the photographs were taken when she was only 16 years old and were allegedly taken from her laptop and her digital camera.

Janks believed that he did not have access to her devices at the time. Asked during her testimony if she ever shared those photos with Merriman, Janks replied, “No, no, he was my dad,” according to her toofab.


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Jade Janks Age

The age of Jade Janks is 39 years.


Jade Janks, Accused of Killing her stepfather

Sharing what went through her mind when she heard about those photographs, she said: “It was the most violent, horrible, heartbreaking feeling of my life.

I felt sick, I felt like I couldn’t…not even touch my own skin.” I don’t know if [there are] words, not even in a movie have I seen something so sick.”

She confessed in her testimony: “[I] got mad and poured some Jack Daniels, poured it on her desktop computer and then I took out what I thought it was the hard drive and I destroyed it,” reports toofab.


Janks stood by his testimony throughout as his defense attorney questioned him that Merriman had “passed out after taking prescription pills and drinking whiskey” once he picked him up from the center recovery on December 31.

In addition, she told the court in her testimony that when she was unable to move him because no one she contacted showed up, she decided to let him sleep overnight in the car. In the morning, she went out to the car and noticed that he hadn’t moved one bit from where she had left Merriman and panicked.

While being questioned on Friday afternoon, Janks said: “I’ve seen Tom drink a lot more… I didn’t think anything was going to happen to him.” She later admitted under oath that she tried to hide his death from her, since she hid it under a pile of garbage in the driveway.


Janks said that she “panicked” and that she “didn’t really know what to do” as she knew she would be blamed for her death for being her last known acquaintance of hers and what she did to him. her computer. . “I didn’t want to be blamed for killing him,” she said, reports the San Diego Tribune.

According to the medical examiner, Thomas Merriman died of acute zolpidem poisoning, which is a type of sleeping pill.Read More

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