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An arrest of a 15-year-old boy has been made in the fatal shooting of a Fort Smith convenience store clerk. Police Chief Danny Baker called a news conference Friday and announced the arrest had been made. Police arrested Kemual Mark Andrew Stuki. He was taken to a juvenile detention center but will face adult charges due to the nature of the crime, Baker told reporters. “Our officers and investigators have worked tirelessly since the night of Chanell’s murder to solve a case that many feared would be hopeless,” Baker said.

Kemual Mark Andrew Stuki Age

The age of Kemual Mark Andrew Stuki is 15 years.

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Kemual Mark Andrew Stuki accused of killing Chanell Moore

A police tactical team in Fort Smith on Thursday afternoon made the arrest on a charge of first-degree robbery in December of a Barling store. During the arrest, evidence was found in connection with the death of Chanell Moore. “This investigation required relentless attention to detail and a commitment to bring Chanell’s killer to justice,” Baker said.


Around 4:30 p.m. m. On Thursday, the department’s SWAT team went to the 9800 block of Mayo Drive, where the team conducted a special operation, according to a Fort Smith news release. At a home in east Fort Smith, Stuki was arrested on one count of first-degree robbery in connection with an armed robbery at a convenience store in Barling in December that he had been connected to, Baker said.

Surveillance footage captured at the robbery at Barling and at Doug’s Eastside Convenience store where Moore was shot to death on March 24 showed a person wearing the same clothing and other similarities. During the arrest, evidence was found connecting Stuki to the shooting death of Moore.

Moore, 26, was shot and killed at 9017 Rogers Ave at Doug’s Eastside Convenience Store, on Friday, March 24. Moore left behind four young children who have been with his father Charles Moore since his death. “I am very proud of the men and women of the FSPD and the strong police work they have put in to achieve this,” Baker said.Read More…..


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