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TORONTO, CANADA: Authorities have identified the homeless man who was reportedly stabbed to death by a gang of teenagers in December 2022.Ken Lee, 59, was beaten and stabbed to death by a group of eight girls, ages 13-16. Lee, a Hong Kong immigrant who was reportedly trying to find housing in Toronto, was attacked while he was defending a friend from whom the girls were trying to steal alcohol.

He was rushed to a Toronto hospital after the vicious attack, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Toronto Police Detective Sergeant Terry Browne said each girl was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Police were working to notify the victim’s relatives of the tragedy at the time of publication.

According to CBC News, a vigil was held for Lee at the downtown Toronto Homeless Memorial, where he was remembered as a quiet person and devoted friend. “No one was surprised that he would stand up for someone like that,” Sanctuary Toronto spokesman and pastor Johnson Hatlem said of Lee. According to Browne, Lee had started living in the Toronto shelter system in September 2022.


“He has a very supportive family in the area, so I wouldn’t necessarily call him a bum. Maybe just recently down on his luck.” , He said. Speaking to CTV News Toronto, Roberto Sanchez, a doorman at a nearby Tim Hortons, said: “He was kind. He was generous. He was a good-hearted person. Everyone has their problems. But overall, I don’t see him as a threat. to anyone. For those young people to do that to him, it’s heartbreaking. I can’t believe it.”

A nearby resident who witnessed the attack told CTV News Toronto that the girls were drinking and tried to steal alcohol from Lee’s friend. The victim was reportedly with a friend in a plaza near the intersection of University Avenue and York Street when the attack occurred.

“They were sitting on a bench, drinking alcohol from a mickey and smoking a cigarette,” Ken Webber told the outlet, adding: “I saw the aftermath of the attack. The teenagers were standing outside the Union Station stairway there, arguing, yelling and screaming.”


Ken Lee Age

The age of Ken Lee was 59 years.

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Ken Lee was reportedly stabbed to death by a gang of teenage girls

Speaking to The Toronto Sun, a police source said the pack of girls were “like wild animals.” They explained, “They’re all young criminals. They attacked this guy like a bunch of wild animals. He tried to fight them off and they kept coming back,” adding, “He was just minding his own business, he wasn’t around.” . Not to disturb a soul.” Browne noted how the crime even shocked law enforcement.

“I’ve been in the police for almost 35 years and you think you’ve seen it all. Anyone who isn’t surprised to hear something like this has clearly thrown in the towel and said anything is possible in this world.” Eight young girls and most under the age of 16. If this isn’t alarming and shocking to everyone, then everyone we’re in trouble, frankly,” he said.


Browne revealed that the same group was involved in an altercation that same night in the area. While the detective sergeant declined to reveal any further details, he did confirm that they had met on social media and came from “various parts of town.” Added Browne: “We don’t know how or why they met that night and why the destination was downtown Toronto. We don’t know how long they knew each other. I wouldn’t describe them as a gang at this point.” point.”

Meanwhile, Mayor John Tory condemned the murder, saying he was “extremely concerned” about the ages of the group of girls accused. “While we continue to learn the details of this murder, I am deeply disturbed by the allegations made public thus far.

Everyone in our city deserves to be treated with dignity and respect,” he said, adding: “It saddens me so much to learn that a man has lost his life this way. Toronto police have made multiple arrests in this case. I am extremely concerned about the young age of the defendants and the number of people allegedly involved in this murder.”


Browne said the girls were involved in a “swarm” and that police were checking whether images of similar attacks had been posted online. “Maybe they were eight young women who wanted to make a name for themselves and see if they could become socially famous.

They are all equally guilty, ”he explained. “There is no question in our minds that they were all working as a singular entity in a crowd swarm mentality when they chose to attack this man.

All eight were together. All eight were involved. I won’t say what each did individually, but all eight were together and participating in this event, which is worrying,” he added.Several weapons were seized from the group and three of the girls had had previous encounters


with the police. Browne said. “It’s strange that everyone would have connected and found their way to downtown Toronto. Their primary residences are all over the place. I can tell you it was a shock to find out that their children were involved in an event like this.Read More….

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