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NEW YORK (AP) — Kevin Manohan, who fatally shot Kaylin Gillis after she mistakenly stopped her car in her driveway, was a professional motorcycle racer. It is reported that the man used to regularly compete in the Camel Pro Series. Interestingly, his wife Polly Jinx, 69, works as a counselor for the Department of Labor, advising people on how to manage work-related stress.

The victim was looking for a friend’s house and made a wrong turn onto the property of Kevin, 65, through the rural town of Hebron. Gillis, 20, was with three of her other friends during the shooting on Saturday night, April 15. According to Washington County Sheriff Murphy, the young woman was turning the car around when Manohan walked onto her porch and fired two shots. The suspect’s lawyer, Kurt Mausert, said on Monday, April 17: “My preliminary opinion of this case is that it was a series of mistakes that resulted in a tragedy. It’s too early to say more than that.”

Kevin Manohan Age

The age of Kevin Manohan is 65 years.


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Kevin Manohan accused of killing Gillis

Mausert told the New York Times that his client has no criminal record and owns a contracting business in Washington County. Reports show Manohan lives in his home on Patterson Hill Road in Salem, New York, with his wife of 35 years, Polly. The latter’s LinkedIn page further states that she “specializes” in “stress management,” “positivity,” and “optimism.” Polly has been in her current position since 2009 and has also held other career guidance roles. In addition, she had also been the president of the Washington County Youth Advisory Board.

Zillow reports that Kevin and Polly Manohan live in a $310,000 home built in 2004. Manohan is facing a second-degree murder charge and is being held in the Warren County Jail. Since Gillis’s father, Andrew, is a corrections officer at the Washington County jail, authorities decided to keep Manohan in the Warren County jail. Sheriff Murphy said during a news conference Monday that Gillis, who lived in Schuylerville, “was an innocent young woman who was out with friends looking for another friend’s house.”Read more…….

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