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NETHERLANDS: A 28-year-old man is now the first man to be convicted of secretly removing a condom during sex, even though his sentence does not include rape. Khaldoun F was given a three-month suspended sentence by a Rotterdam court for “theft”, although he had pleaded guilty to coercion. Apparently, she had removed the condom without telling his partner, who had made it very clear that she did not want to have sex with him without it. The court had warned Khaldoun that he risked exposing the woman to “contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.”

In addition to the right to remove the condom during the act, the Daily Mail reported that he went further by texting the woman later, saying: “You’ll be fine.” Although he was convicted of theft, it was not rape since there was “an agreement between the suspect and the complainant about sexual penetration.”

Coercion was only related to the fact that the suspect did not keep the condom on. The entire hearing in the case was considered a first because there are no laws in the Netherlands covering penetration without a condom where consent for the penetration itself had already been given. Khaldoun received a three-month prison sentence, which also included a $1,067 fine.


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The age of Khaldoun F is not known.

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Khaldoun F is first in Netherlands to be convicted for ‘stealthing’

While Khaldoun received a prison sentence and a fine from the Rotterdam court, the same court acquitted another man who forgot to put on a condom on the spur of the moment. RubĂ©n R, 25, had said that he voluntarily asked his partner for a condom, but had forgotten to put it on. The difference between the two cases was that in Khaldoun’s case, the court had proof of intent to carry out the act, in the form of WhatsApp chats. However, in the second case, there was no intention of stealth.

The law of the land does not provide any legal recourse for theft cases, so this is the first case of its kind to be handled legally. There have been similar rulings in other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand. However, in England and Wales, the unauthorized removal of a condom is considered rape and is prosecuted as such.Read more…..


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