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The pregnant fiancee of ER doctor and crypto-millionaire discovered dead in a lake in Arkansas may be photographed for the first time, as creepy new images show her stethoscope dangling from the mirror of her abandoned car. Laura Barnett, 39, called Dr. John Forsyth the “love of her life” in a series of heartbreaking posts after he went missing on May 21.

Forsyth, 49, had recently finalized her divorce from him when he failed to show up for his appointment at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri. His body was found nine days later in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and police confirmed that he had been shot. Family members were immediately alarmed by his disappearance after it emerged that he had left his wallet, passport, five cell phones, laptop and keys inside his unlocked RV and car.

But many were kept in the dark about her relationship with Barnett, who is eight months pregnant, and some only found out she existed after the tragedy. Forsyth was last seen on surveillance footage walking toward an RV he had in the parking lot around 7 a.m. and he texted his fiancée to tell her that he would see her later. Dr. Forsyth’s family did not know how the couple met, but a LinkedIn profile belonging to Barnett shows that she worked as an ER nurse at the same hospital.


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The age of Laura Barnett was 39 years.

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Laura Barnett was found dead

Posting on social media, Barnett said: ‘My love… love of my life… I miss you… more than anyone can imagine… my heart breaks every second, I don’t know if you’re okay. .. ‘PLEASE help find my fiancé Johnny… please share and reshare to keep his face out if anyone has seen him…’ She has not commented since he was found dead, and family members have told that she is “devastated” by his death.


Barnett hadn’t posted any pictures of the couple together until after he went missing, and the couple got engaged just three days before he was last seen alive. His brother Richard told that she was the “love of his life”, and other family members said that he officially divorced his wife on May 11.

The father of eight did not tell many relatives that he was engaged to Barnett and others did not meet her until after she disappeared. Authorities located her abandoned black Infiniti sedan at Cassville Water Park in the Ozarks. The car keys were inside, along with Forsyth’s wallet, passport, and briefcase.

An additional search by police revealed that two cell phones were left in Forsyth’s luxury RV that he stayed in while he was on call at the hospital. The Cassville Police Department conducted an extensive 90-acre search soon after, which turned up no results until a kayaker found her body last month.


The body was found near the bank in front of the Lost Bridge South area of Beaver Lake, which is about 20 miles south of Cassville. New footage shows officers’ search efforts across the lake where her body was found, as a stethoscope dangled eerily from the rearview mirror of her car.

Since then, it has been claimed that the doctor had as many as five cellphones in her black vehicle, and her family said they knew of at least two, one for her personal life and one for her work. In a bizarre revelation, Richard previously revealed that his brother had been kidnapped and threatened by unidentified assailants in February 2022.

Richard, who founded the crypto company OnFo with his brother, said that despite the ordeal, John never filed a police report. He said he first learned of the kidnapping through a mutual friend, who only came forward to describe the incident to the family after John disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


The brother said he believed the kidnapping was “cryptocurrency related” but he knew nothing more about the perpetrators from the mutual friend’s account, which he wished to remain anonymous due to ongoing security concerns. Richard cautioned that there was no evidence yet to link the 2022 incident to John’s death, but added: “It stands out very clearly in the factual boxes that have emerged about the case.”

‘It was cold. He was zip-tied. They made him feel very unsafe and they drove him with some people to a bridge and threatened him. “He did not file a police report because he believed he was in continued danger.”The family say that they would rather be ‘left in the dark’ during the police investigation if it means they will get ‘justice’ for the doctor. Read More……

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